Level: Suitable for all

Length of class: 55 Minutes minutes


Exercising during pregnancy is widely recognised as being beneficial to both mother and baby, and the low-impact Barrecore Method aims to improve posture and maintain strength during pregnancy.

Our teachers are able to adapt movements to you individually to match your trimester and personal needs, helping to reduce pregnancy aches and pains and prepare the body for birth. BarrePRENATAL is uniquely tailored for you, enabling you to exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy. It’s the perfect mix of strengthening and stretching, all with good music to keep you motivated throughout. With a maximum of 12 people per class, the group size allows for a more personalised barre experience.

A word from the expert:

“Having recently given birth to my first child, I found exercising throughout my pregnancy hugely beneficial for both mind and body. Whilst it’s tempting to skip workouts in favour of relaxation, it’s so important to keep the body moving throughout pregnancy to reduce aches and pains and maintain strength for labour. As your bump grows, your centre of gravity changes affecting your sense of balance and increasing your risk of falls. BarrePRENATAL is a completely safe way for mums-to-be to continue to workout and prepare the body for birth, because you are either doing floor-based exercise or using the barre for support. My own experience made me realise how important it was to grow our prenatal offering.”

- Niki Rein, Barrecore Founder

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