What is Barrecore?

What is Barrecore?

Barrecore was founded in 2011 and is today one of the largest, most well known and loved fitness brands. We have 13 boutique studios across the UK, and online workouts accessed by Barrecore fans in over 100 countries.

Our unique Barrecore Method is recognized as one of the fastest, safest and most effective body transformation exercises, and has been publicly endorsed by some of the world's biggest celebrities and influencers including Pippa Middleton, Claudia Schiffer, Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Poppy Delevingne, as well as Vogue, Elle, Women's Health, Harper's Bazaar, Financial Times, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Condé Nast, Forbes and many more. You can read some of these public endorsements, and also testimonials from our clients.

What is The Barrecore Method?

Our Barrecore Method was developed by celebrity trainer Niki Rein. Using your own body weight and isometric exercises, the method quickly sculpts your body, making you stronger, leaner and more flexible.

Despite being tough, our method is low impact, meaning no jumping or other unnecessary stress on your body. This means that we have clients of all ages, genders and fitness levels, including clients who are injured, pre-natal or post-natal clients. In addition to seeing quick physical results, our classes and teachers will also boost your mental wellbeing.

At Barrecore, we have a strong focus on technique and education to make sure that you get the most out of our classes, but also learn about why it will benefit you.

Our teachers are handpicked and go through an extensive training program, spanning roughly 3 months to ensure the highest quality classes each time.

Why Should I Do Barrecore?

Barrecore sculpts your body, builds your strength, improves your posture, and improves your everyday movement and mobility. Our exercise also improves your cognitive health and mental well being through the positive impact of exercise, but also because Barrecore has a strong focus on the mind-body connection.

Each exercise can be modified or advanced to cater to your workout needs and ensure you work to your full potential! Since our method is entirely low impact, it is also the perfect exercise even if you are new to fitness, recovering from an injury, pregnant or have recently given birth. Just let our teachers know when you come into class, and they will guide you through any modifications in class.

If you are looking for a safe but effective workout, then Barrecore is for you!

How is Barrecore different from other exercises?

We believe Barrecore is more than just a fitness class - we are here to educate you so that you understand more about how your body works, functions and how to get the best out of your workouts.

A lot of exercise many people are used to will involve some sort of impact, at some stage. We are strictly low impact, which makes our classes accessible to everyone - not something all forms of exercises offer.

Barrecore is described as 'low impact', what does that mean and why is it important?

"Impact" refers to the level of stress exerted on the joints of the body during exercise, and every single Barrecore class is "low impact". This means that our classes are suitable for everyone as we effectively strengthen and sculpt the body without ever having to leave the floor! Even our BarreSWEAT class is low impact - meaning you get an incredibly dynamic cardio class without having to fear a single burpee or the potential of injury.

Barrecore Studio Locations

Where are the Barrecore studios?

We currently have 13 studios in the United Kingdom.

10 are in London and 3 are in the North of England.

You can browse all of our studio locations here.

But I don't live near any of your studios?

Don't worry! We also have two online workout options that are accessible from anywhere, and many say they are just as good! Our Live Streamed Classes run on a set weekly schedule and allows you to work out with the rest of our community. Our Videos On Demand allows you to access whichever workouts you want, whenever you want to.

I would love to bring Barrecore to my own community, how do I do this?

If you're interested in setting up and running a Barrecore studio anywhere in the world - please contact us to find out about our franchisee programme.

Barrecore Classes

What class should I start with?

We recommend that you start with our BarreFORM classes, which is taught at a slightly slower pace, or BarreSIGNATURE classes to learn the basics. You can read more about these on our classes page. Private Sessions (either live-streamed or in-studio) are another great way to get started.

What do I need to wear or bring for class?

Comfortable But Fitting Clothes

We recommend wearing fitted clothing to properly see and feel your technique. Leggings and a vest or t-shirt are perfect. Leggings with zips might prove uncomfortable during floor work, so we recommend leggings without them. A low-impact sports bra should provide adequate support as all our classes are low-impact.

Socks must be worn in our classes

In-studio, socks help ensure we keep our carpets clean and hygienic (which is why we ask that you don't wear shoes, come barefoot or wear toeless socks). We sell Barrecore grippy socks in all our studios!

Trainers restrict your range of movement and since you'll spend a lot of time moving through your feet with Barrecore, we instead wear grippy socks in our classes. Grippy socks also help you hold each position that bit longer without slipping. As soon as you slip, you have to reset and you lose that crucial burn that Barrecore is all about.

No Need For Equipment

For our in-studio classes, all mats, weights, balls, resistance bands and any other props you may need during class are provided.

Do I need grippy socks?

Socks are compulsory in class and we highly recommend that you wear grippy socks rather than standard socks. Grippy socks help you hold each position that bit longer without slipping and needing to reset your position.

Barrecore grippy socks can be purchased from all of our studios.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please make note of our attendance and cancellation policies outlined here

What can I expect physically and mentally from doing Barrecore?

During class, you should definitely be prepared to push yourself, both mentally and physically. One of the best changes you will experience is how much stronger you become mentally. Just when you think your body wants to give up - you'll dig deep and push through!

Barrecore classes are designed to exhaust all major muscle groups (as well as work your smaller muscles too!) so expect to burn and expect to shake. We encourage all our clients to endure this, as this is the point where your muscles are beginning to fatigue and will adapt to become stronger next time!

As with all exercise, Barrecore releases endorphins - so you should expect to feel that chemical rush of positivity, happiness and achievement once the class is over!

Why do people call Barrecore “Intelligent Exercise”?

In class, we work on multiple factors at the same time - mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination - which works your body quickly and effectively in just 45 minutes. Alongside this, each class works all your major muscle groups as well as the smaller, more intrinsic muscles, to help stabilise your joints and create a better performing body.

We believe fitness should never be focused on one element, so our classes are designed to make sure you get a well-rounded workout every time.

What are isometric and eccentric contractions?

An isometric contraction is one where neither the joint angle nor the length of the muscle changes during muscular contraction. It’s difficult to visualise but this static point is the sweet spot of calorie burning. The more you contract the muscle and hold it there, the more calories you will burn as it’s that stillness we so often speak of that produces results. A study by The Journal For Applied Research proved that doing isometric exercise for 6 minutes would be the equivalent muscle work of 30-35 minutes of gym work on commercial weight-lifting equipment!

An eccentric contraction is the lengthening phase of the contraction. By lengthening a muscle, we effectively work the muscles to fatigue and create that long, lean look. The two contractions, isometric and eccentric, work against each other, strengthening and sculpting the muscle.

Why is it important to stretch?

Stretching helps to maintain muscle length, reducing stiffness after a workout. Where Barrecore pushes muscles to the point of fatigue and exhaustion, stretching will help to relieve them and reduce any tension built up during exercise. All muscles in the body want to be strong and supple, and stretching helps to maintain, and in some cases increase suppleness. It is also harder to build strength in tight muscles - so as uncomfortable as it can be at times, stick with the stretch!

We strongly recommend you to take our BarreRESTORE class at least a week, to stretch and restore your muscles on a regular basis.

I'm injured, can I still come to class?

Yes! Barrecore is low impact exercise, meaning less stress on your joints and a lowered risk of developing or worsening an injury.

If you have a pre-existing injury, Barrecore is a fantastic form of rehabilitation as we offer modifications and adaptations for nearly every exercise! Each class is catered for every level of fitness, with options to advance or modify movements depending on the individual’s circumstances. An injury should never mean you can’t exercise and our expert teachers are always able to provide assistance to anyone needing to adapt.

Private Barre sessions can also provide you with a more tailored approach to support recovery and strengthen the area of your injury.

I'm pregnant or recently gave birth, can I still come to class?

Yes, in fact, Barrecore is one of the best and safest ways to exercise during and after pregnancy.

We offer online live streamed BarrePRENATAL group classes that are specifically tailored to a pregnant body, and where the teacher will adapt movements to match your trimester and personal needs.

Our BarreFORM and BarreSIGNATURE classes are also well suited to a pre and post natal body (just make sure your doctor has approved you for exercise)!

However, we strongly recommend that you email us to book into our specifically designed prenatal modification session before attending. In this session, you will learn the most important adjustments you need to make in our classes to ensure a safe and effective workout! Once in class, please let our teachers know that you are pre or postnatal, so they can give modifications throughout the class.

Private Barre sessions (online or in studio) are also a great way to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy and to get back to your workouts after giving birth.

Is there an age limit to Barrecore classes?

There is no upper age limit and we encourage people of all ages to attend class. Barrecore is a great way to build muscle which is important as we grow older.

We don't allow people under the age of 16 to use the studio rooms or attend classes.

Goals & Results

How many times a week should I come?

4 times a week is the magic number to see quick results in your body. Those that increase their sessions per week from 3 to 4 days have a 50% increase in their results. The increase from 4 to 5 days a week results in only a 10% uplift and may end up stressing the body. If 4 days a week is too much for you, then try and come regularly once or twice a week. We have various membership packages to suit your desired frequency.

How soon will I see results from Barrcore workouts?

Most of our clients will see and feel results after 8 to 10 classes. Frequency of attendance plays a big part in how quickly you produce results.

Once I reach my goal how do I maintain results?

Attending class 2-3 times per week is the perfect amount for maintenance and overall cardiovascular health, strength and conditioning. The beauty of Barrecore workouts is that they are always changing and confusing the muscles. When muscles are ‘confused’ they have to work harder and more calories are burned. The key to continued benefit from Barrecore is to keep finding the shake and burn throughout the class. Always push past your limits and you will not plateau until you are the leanest and strongest you can be for your body type.

Do I need to do cardiovascular exercise as well as Barrecore?

No, you don't. Barrecore classes are resistance exercises mixed with low impact cardio bursts called interval training. Interval training is a very healthy form of cardiovascular training.

However, if you do want to mix up your workouts with something a little different then our friends at KOBOX can help. Strength and stability gained through Barrecore can really support technique and movement in KOBOX classes. And you can take advantage of our great value studio pass giving you access to Barrecore, KOBOX and Boom Cycle classes across London.

Can I expect to see some physical changes, such as feeling more toned and sculpted?

Absolutely, most of our clients see a difference in their body in just 8 to 10 classes! Barrecore's unique blend of resistance exercises and isometric holds is designed to target and tone all major muscle groups. As you progress through your classes, you'll likely notice several positive changes in your
body, such as:

  • Increased muscle definition
  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Reduced body fat
  • Enhanced flexibility and range of
  • A boost in confidence and self-esteem

In addition to these physical changes, you may also find that you have more energy, improved sleep, and a reduced risk of injury.

Will my weight change?

As you build lean muscle through Barrecore, your weight may fluctuate. This is because muscle weighs more than fat. We don’t believe in weighing ourselves, and generally encourage our clients not to use scales.

Lean muscle takes up less space in the body than fat, so even if your weight increases, you will likely look leaner and more toned. In addition, muscle burns more calories at rest than fat, so you may find that you are able to maintain a healthy weight with less effort.

We encourage you to focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit, rather than relying on the scale as a measure of your progress. With Barrecore, you can expect to see and feel the difference, even if the number on the scale doesn't change

Will I hit a plateau?

With Barrecore's ever-changing and muscle-confusing workouts, no two classes are ever the same. This keeps your muscles challenged and prevents them from adapting to a set routine, which can lead to plateaus.

The key is to focus on maintaining the "shake and burn" throughout class. By continually pushing your limits, you will continue to see progress and avoid plateaus. As you become more familiar with the Barrecore method, you will develop a deeper connection with your muscles, allowing you to engage them more fully and achieve a more intense burn from the very beginning of each set.

In addition, Barrecore's whole-body approach to exercise ensures that you are working all of your major muscle groups, rather than just focusing on isolated areas. This helps to create a more balanced and toned physique, and it also makes it more difficult for your body to adapt to a particular routine.

So, if you're looking for a workout that will keep you challenged and help you achieve your fitness goals, then Barrecore is the perfect choice for you. With its constantly evolving workouts and focus on whole-body conditioning, you can be sure that you will never hit a plateau.