Welcome To Your First Barre Class

We are so excited you found us! This page will help to prepare you for your first class, and give you a flavour of what to expect before, during and after class. For other general questions, we also have an FAQ page.

Choosing the right Barrecore class

All our classes follow a certain structure, but none of them are ever identical. Our teachers are experts, and constantly switch up the exercises to keep you and your muscles guessing. We also have several different types of classes to choose from - from low to high intensity and from beginner to advanced. Many of our clients have been with us for many years and their muscles are still burning and shaking!

Our method builds on very small precise movements, so we advise that you join us first for a BarreFORM or BarreSIGNATURE class to get comfortable with the basics.

BarreFORM incorporates more repetitions and slower transitions to better isolate muscle groups and help you perfect your technique. It's a great class if you're new to Barrecore, are getting back into fitness, or are recovering from injury - but it's also attended by our hardcore clients as it's still a very challenging class!

BarreSIGNATURE is our famous original class. Modifications are offered throughout the class to decrease or increase the intensity, so this class is suitable to newbies as well as our long-term clients.

When you feel like you've mastered the basics, you can mix in one of our specialty formats.

BarreSCULPT uses resistance bands to add intensity to classic Barrecore exercises and further chisel those muscles. The bands restrict your range of movement which allows you to feel isometric contractions more easily, and generate a greater muscle burn out. Add this class to your schedule once a week and you'll notice even faster change in your body.

BarreSWEAT offers continuous movement through a combination of traditional Barrecore movements and low-impact cardio exercises. The class will improve your coordination, increase detoxification, and also decrease your blood pressure and resting heart rate. This means your heart doesn't have to work as hard all of the time, which is beneficial for your entire body.

To restore your muscles and strengthen your mind further, we also offer a restorative barre classes.

BarreRESTORE uses a unique combination of breathing techniques, joint mobilisation, and lengthening stretches to help you achieve transformative results even faster. The resulting supple, flexible muscles will improve your positioning in all our classes, which means you'll be able to hold poses longer and achieve an even deeper muscle burn. We recommend adding a weekly BarreRESTORE to your workout regime for best results.

When you have become a master of the Barrecore technique, we invite you to join our most hardcore class.

BarreADVANCED entails higher repetitions, less recovery time between sets, and all the advanced modifications to get you burning and shaking as quickly as possible for as long as possible. The class moves fast and is technically challenging, so if you aren't sure whether you are ready to progress, chat with one of our teachers and they can advise you.

Barrecore is also one of the best and safest ways to exercise during and after pregnancy.

BarrePRENATAL is offered as a Live Streamed class, and will enable you to exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy to help reduce aches and prepare your body for birth. The class is specifically tailored to suit a pregnant body, and we will guide you to adapt your movements to match your trimester and personal needs.

Preparing for your first barre class at Barrecore

Comfortable But Fitting Clothes

We recommend wearing fitted clothing to properly see and feel your technique. Leggings and a vest or t-shirt are perfect. Leggings with zips might prove uncomfortable during floor work, so we recommend leggings without them. A low impact sports bra should provide adequate support as all our classes are low-impact.

Grippy Socks To Stay Grounded

Trainers restrict your range of movement and since you'll spend a lot of time moving through your feet with Barrecore, we instead wear grippy socks in our classes. Grippy socks also help you hold each position that bit longer without slipping. As soon as you slip, you have to reset and you lose that crucial burn that Barrecore is all about.

In studio, socks also help ensure we keep our carpets clean and hygienic (which is why we ask that you don't wear shoes, come barefoot or wear toeless socks). We sell grippy socks in all our studios!

No Need For Equipment

For our in-studio classes, all mats, weights, balls, resistance bands and any other props you may need during class are provided.

For On Demand Classes or Live Classes at home, all you need is a soft surface, chair, folded towel and some tinned soup for weights. Before the start of each class, your teacher will tell you exactly what you need. If there's anything you're unsure of how to use, just ask!

Before, during & after your first barre class at Barrecore

Before Class

Show Up A Few Minutes Early - If you're joining us for the first time in one of our studios, please come by 10-15 minutes early so that you have time to settle in before class, and we can ensure that you have everything you need ahead of class. It's important to us that you feel right at home, from your very first visit!

If you're joining us for the first time in our Live Classes we also recommend that you show up a few minutes early, as the teacher will be there to answer any questions and also learn about any injuries you want to share with them so that they can tailor movements in class. Our teachers log on 5 minutes ahead of the class.

Stay Hydrated - It is important to stay hydrated when you're working out. We sell bottled water in our studios.

During Class

The Structure Of The Class - All our classes (except BarreRESTORE) begin with a fast-paced warm-up followed by full-body barre and floor work, and ends with stretches and a final relaxation. Our teachers will guide you through every step so don't be nervous - you'll do great!

You'll Get Help To Find The Right Technique - Your teacher will explain each move as well as where you should be feeling muscle burn, and give hands-on adjustments throughout class to ensure you’re getting the most out of every exercise. Technique is key in barre fitness so getting correct positioning from the start will help your confidence, progression and ultimately ensure you see quicker results.

Modify For Higher Or Lower Intensity - Modifications are given for every move, so you can choose whether to take a less strenuous or more advanced route. Should you have any concerns or questions, our teachers are always happy to chat before or after class, both in studio and online.

Embrace The Shake - It may feel like a very strange sensation the first few times you experience it, but shaking in class is a good thing! It means you have hit that sweet spot where your muscles are tearing (don’t panic, these are tiny, microscopic tears) which allows for more muscle fibres to be created as these little tears heal. This is what creates toned, lean muscles.

Small Movements Will Work You Harder - Keep your movements in class as small as possible. They should hardly be visible. This will work deeper in the your muscles and target areas you have probably never worked before.

Push Yourself To Your Own Edge - The beauty of Barrecore workouts is that they are always changing and confusing the muscles. When muscles are ‘confused’ they have to work harder and more calories are burned. The key is to continue to find the shake and burn throughout class. Always push your limits and you will not plateau until you are the leanest and strongest you can be for your body type.

Don't Forget To Smile! - It will make everything seem better and feel like less effort. Plus you'll release endorphins and serotonin!

After Class

Congrats! You made it through your first Barrecore class.

It's Normal To Ache - Remember, it’s totally normal (and a good sign) if you ache a little after your first few classes. It means you made a deep connection in your muscles and are continuing to burn fat even after class has finished.

Get Back Into Class Within 2 Day - Try and do your second class within 48 hours. Working your muscles again will help reduce any soreness you may be experiencing, and help your body adjust to this new way of being exercised.

4 Is The Magic Number - 4 classes per week will get you the quickest results, and taking class 2-4 times per week is the perfect amount for maintenance and overall cardiovascular health, strength and conditioning. Regularity is the only way to see serious, lasting results in your body.

We can't wait to see you in a Barrecore class soon. Take a look at our Timetable and Pricing & Membership options to get started.