Can I do Barrecore while pregnant?

Barre is one of the most effective, safest and most adaptable forms of exercise, suitable for all age ranges, fitness levels as well as those with injuries. It is also one of the safest and most effective forms of exercise for prenatal women.

Our classes improve posture, something that is bound to change as your body changes and your bump grows! We help you to maintain strength and muscle tone throughout your arms, thighs and seat - much needed when carrying around a new born! We also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improve pelvic stability and stay connected to your transverse abdominals - which will help prepare your body for giving birth as well as reduce your recovery time.

Prenatal Modification Sessions

We offer private prenatal modification sessions so you can enjoy full Barrecore classes with pregnancy safe adaptations. We recommend that you book one of these classes before attending a standard Barrecore class whilst pregnant.

During the private session one of our Barrecore instructors will take you through how to change our standard Barrecore movements to ensure they are not only safe but also comfortable for you during pregnancy. You will still get a challenging workout that works your muscles but is safe for you and your growing baby.

Please see the 'Private Sessions' section of our pricing page to book.

Which Barrecore classes are suitable for pregnancy?

We have a dedicated BarrePRENATAL live class which is our uniquely tailored barre class just for mothers-to-be. This can found in the timetable and can be booked with live credits or a live membership.

Following completion of a private prenatal modification session you're welcome to join many of our Barrecore studio and live classes. BarreSIGNATURE, BarreSCULPT, BarreFORM and BarreRESTORE are all suitable in either their studio or live forms.

If you have any questions about booking a prenatal modification session or attending class whilst pregnant please contact us.