Transform your body with the Barrecore Challenge

We're challenging you to complete 4 Barrecore classes each week for 4 weeks.

Valid on any of our class formats, at all London Barrecore studios. 
Challenge Time
16 classes for £220
£13.75/ class
£220.00 / 16 classes

Transform Your Body & Mind in 4 Weeks

We're delighted to announce, our Barrecore Challenge will start 24th June 2024.

We're challenging you to complete 4 Barrecore classes each week for 4 weeks. During this time you'll build a new habit, feel a sense of community and transform your body.

Why 4 classes for 4 weeks?

We're encouraging you to take 4 classes a week because that’s the 'magic number' to see results that will actually last.

Frequency of attendance plays a big part in how quickly you produce results. Clients that increase their classes from 3 to 4 per week have achieved a 50% increase in their results. This is why we run challenges!

And we can't forget to mention, there are prizes to be won!

Grand Prize

  • 1 private Barrecore class for winner and friends
  • 6-month free unlimited Studio Pass Membership

All finishers, who complete 16 classes will be entered into a random prize draw to win the grand prize.

Barrecore Challenge Tips

Here's a few tips to help you stay motivated to complete your 16 classes!

1) Pre-book your classes and make sure you've put them firmly in the diary. That way, there'll be no excuses for missing a class or double booking them with something else.

2) Visualise achieving your goal. Focus on the sense of achievement you'll feel after you've completed the Challenge. Keep in mind the end result and how satisfied you'll feel both physically and mentally.

3) Bring a friend to class. Working out becomes a lot easier and more fun if there's two of you and you'll feel bad if you bail on them.

4) Track your progress. Every week try to do your own version of a check-in whether it's logging in a notebook the changes that you are seeing and feeling or a "self-empowerment" selfie. Take note of your progress and celebrate it!

5) Finally (and most importantly), keep in mind that by completing the Challenge you'll notice amazing long term changes to your body:

• Feeling stronger

• Creating longer, toned muscles

• Reduced body fat

• Improvement to your posture and alignment