Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer Blow Bar

Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer Blow Bar

26 September 2023

Get ready to take your post-Barrecore class routine to the next level of luxury and care. Barrecore has teamed up with Zuvi, a revolutionary brand in haircare technology, to bring you an exclusive and premium blow bar experience in our London studios.

Introducing the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer, a game-changer that's set to transform the way you dry your hair after an invigorating Barrecore workout. We understand the importance of preserving your hair's health and beauty, and that's why we've chosen to partner with Zuvi.

Known for their cutting-edge approach to hair drying, the Zuvi Halo will ensure your tresses remain as stunning as you feel after every class.

Why the Zuvi Halo is so special:

Say goodbye to overheating: Traditional hair dryers can subject your hair and scalp to intense heat, leading to damage and dryness. The Zuvi Halo features advanced temperature control technology that prevents overheating, ensuring a gentle and effective drying process.

 ✨ Preserves internal moisture: We know that internal moisture is the secret to luscious, healthy hair. The Zuvi Halo's innovative design helps seal in your hair's internal moisture, keeping it hydrated and vibrant.

Efficient drying time: With a powerful yet controlled airflow, the Zuvi Halo significantly reduces drying time, minimising the exposure of your hair to heat.

 ✨ Professional blow bar results: Step out of your Barrecore class and into a blowout experience that feels like you've just visited a high-end salon. The Zuvi Halo delivers sleekness, shine, and volume in a breeze.


Exclusive 15% discount for our members:

To continue your premium haircare routine at home, all Barrecore members can enjoy 15% discount on the Zuvi Halo hair dryer to maintain that radiant post-class look day after day.


Get ready to experience the future of hair drying with the Zuvi Halo at your nearest Barrecore studio. Elevate your self-care game and enjoy the benefits of healthier, more beautiful hair.

We can't wait to see the confidence and radiance this partnership will bring to your Barrecore studio experience.