A female barre instructor supports another female to adjust a position during a private barre session

9 Reasons to Choose Private Sessions with Barrecore

28 November 2022

There are many reasons to choose Private Sessions - as your only workout method, or as a complement to group classes. Here are the most common reasons;

1. You're new to Barrecore

If you are completely new to Barrecore, private sessions are a great way to get started and properly learn our technique. Barrecore is all about the small movements, and finding the exact right spots that get your muscles shaking. Getting a teacher to assist in perfecting your technique will help you get the most out of your future group classes and see the quickest transformation. It can also be a great way to increase your confidence before joining our group classes.

2. You want help to stick to a healthy habit

Many of us lead hectic lives and simply aren't great at self-care and making fitness a priority. Starting a fitness routine and then dropping out is really common and can lead to a cycle of giving up and feeling defeated. Private sessions will help you create a healthy habit, learn to dig deep to find the motivation and make yourself a priority!

3. You are injured or have a special circumstance

Since Barrecore is one of the “kindest ways to work your body hard”, many clients come to us with injuries from prior high impact exercises as well as non-workout related issues. As a result, our teachers have experience with a wide range of special cases and always love to help you on your journey. 
The beauty of our Barrecore Method is that the low impact nature makes it highly suitable for all bodies and any potential physical challenges. No matter the reason, one of our expert teachers will guide you through a Barrecore Method workout that is focused entirely on your specific needs and goals.

4. You are prenatal

First off - congrats! Barrecore is one of the safest ways to get a solid workout while keeping yourself and your baby safe. Through Private Sessions we can make sure to tailor your workout to your individual pregnancy, trimester etc. We will also teach you modifications that can be made to the Barrecore moves that you know and love to keep them safe and effective.
You can either continue with private sessions throughout your pregnancy or join many of our regular Barrecore classes using the modifications you've learned during your private session. 


5. You are postnatal

Congrats to you too! Private Sessions are a great way to slowly return to exercise. If you have suffered from diastasis recti, we can help you to safely and progressively build strength back to your pelvic floor and TA. We can also address any postural issues that have resulted from pregnancy, and will work at a pace that suits you.

6. You have a particular goal

Perhaps you have a particular goal, such as a wedding, marathon or other special occasion coming up. Maybe you want dedicated help to build up muscle mass and feel stronger, or to kick off a journey to healthier weight. Our expert teachers will help you plan the best journey for you to obtain your individual goals.

7. You want to get more out of online classes

Barrecore is all about the small, precise movements. By improving your technique, you will better ensure that you are hitting all the right spots and are getting the most out of your online classes. If you're regularly participating in online classes it’s a good idea to have a teacher check in on your form!

8. You would like a tailored programme

Be it increasing energy levels, building strength, losing weight or other goals. We have a wide range of classes, and can help you put together a program where the frequency and types of classes are fully tailored to you. By booking a private session one of our teachers can really get to know your goals and help you to craft the optimal Barrecore class schedule. 


9. You simply like to work out in private

Private Sessions are all about you - and allow you to get that extra attention, guidance and a journey that is fully focused on you. No matter the reason, one of our expert teachers will guide you through a Barrecore Method workout that is focused entirely on your specific needs and goals. 
To book a private session browse our pricing page to see the options available. Once you have purchased a private session you will be provided with the details to book a session with a teacher at a time and studio that suits you.