A female barre instructor is crouched on the floor observing a group of women hold a balance position during a barre class.

Merry Christmas Barrecore Style

13 December 2022

In the spirit of Chrismas, we've devised a Merry Christmas Alpha-Barre, outlining everything Barrecore and what you can expect in our classes!

M MAGIC NUMBER - Is four! Come to class 4 times a week to truly optimise results and notice a positive change in your body! Upping class from 3 to 4 times a week has been proven to dramatically increase results by 50%, positively impacting your physical and mental health, improving sleep quality, reducing stress and increasing your overall sense of well-being. Book your favourite class here

E - ECCENTRIC CONTRACTIONS - This is where your muscles actively lengthen whilst engaging like when you return to standing from a squat position. We use a lot of bodyweight resistance in class as well as working with props, which are designed to isolate work to different muscle groups as we perform controlled movements, resisting gravity to challenge the muscles further!

R - RECOVERY - It’s important to take time to allow your body to recover after class but we also encourage you to get back to the barre to keep your body mobile and allow you to see the best results. If you're looking for something slightly less intense between classes, we recommend our BarreRESTORE class which will help to stretch and reduce muscular tension in the body. Find out more about our classes on our classes page

R - RETAIL ETHOS - We bring you stylish activewear and accessories, tried and tested by our team to ensure only the highest quality products make it onto our retail shelves. For the perfect Christmas gift, Our Gift Cards come beautifully presented and are perfect for the Barrecore fan in your life. 

Y - YEAR-ROUND FITNESS - Fitness is for life (and not just for Christmas), which is why at Barrecore we want to support you to create a fitness routine that you can enjoy and fully commit to! Each class is different, and with eight different Barrecore formats to choose from you'll never get bored! We also have our BarrePRENATAL private sessions for mums-to-be and Private Barre Sessions for those in search of focused results. 

C - COMMUNITY - We will always welcome you with a smile and greet you by name as soon as we get to know you, as we strive to create a friendly supportive community in all of our studios! Remember to have fun in class with your fellow barre enthusiasts, as strengthening mental wellbeing is just as important as strengthening your glutes! 

H - HIGH INTENSITY - Barrecore is about high-intensity but low impact, building strength and tone in an efficient and effective way so you can get the most out of every class. Expect a hard-core workout suitable for all body types but without putting strain on your joints! 

R - RANGE OF MOTION - One of the surprising things about the Barrecore method when you first start out is how small the movements are which we perform in class, as bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to barre. We’re all about small controlled movements, working within a range that suits your body and doesn’t compromise your technique to optimise results! 

I - ISOMETRIC CONTRACTIONS - This type of contraction is spoken about a fair amount in class and it’s where the length of the muscle and the angle of the joint doesn’t change. Holding a plank is a perfect example and remember, there is so much strength in stillness.

S - SHAKE - When you hear our instructors saying “embrace the shake” it’s because our classes are designed to work specific muscle groups to a point of intensity where the muscles start to burn and shake, and this is where the change happens! So don’t worry about the wobble as this means you’re working the right groups of muscles in the right way.

T - TEACHERS - Our teachers go through a rigorous audition process and are trained for over 200-hours, not only in the Barrecore method but in anatomy too, so they are truly experts in their field! This means they can offer modifications for those working with injuries or pre and post natal clients as well as giving options to challenge you further. Each class is unique to our teacher’s individual style, so no two classes are the same, meaning you will never get bored! Get to know our teachers here

M - MEMBERSHIPS - We have memberships available ranging from once-a-week to unlimited classes, allowing you to create healthy habits which suit your lifestyle and routine. Our front of house team will be more than happy to speak you through each option in more detail. You can take a look at our current pricing and membership options here

A - ADVANCED - Our BarreADVANCED classes are a place for teachers to get creative with their choreography and have some fun with only advanced options. Best suited to Barrecore regulars expect advanced variations with more repetition and less recovery between sets. Get ready to be pushed to the next level with a BarreADVANCED class.

S - SIGNATURE - The original and most loved class at Barrecore. Suitable for everyone whether you're new to Barrecore or a 4 times a week regular. BarreSIGNATURE uses a combination of bodyweight resistance, light props, and high repetitions to exhaust all your major muscle groups. The constant change of choreography keeps your mind and muscles guessing. It might be suitable for everyone but that's not to say it's going to be easy. Get ready to feel that famous Barrecore SHAKE! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see you at a class soon. 

Best wishes,
The Barrecore Team x