two females holding a side plank facing a mirror in a barre studio

"Private Barre Made Me Stronger Than Ever"

24 October 2017

We grabbed 5 minutes with Emma, after her weekly Private Barre session, to find out why she loves going one-to-one at Barrecore

Q: How did you feel before your first Barrecore Private Barre session?

A: I was quite nervous ahead of my first session but excited. I realised after my very first group class that, although the exercises may appear simple, there was actually a lot of technique involved to get them absolutely right and I thought a private session might help me get that right early on.

Q: How often do you take group classes?

A: Since November last year I've been trying to come to Barrecore 4 times a week and also like to squeeze in a STRETCH class or two, if I can.

Q: Have Private Barre sessions helped you focus on your technique?

A: Yes! That was my main objective. I've learnt so much in such a small amount of time. Suddenly the penny has dropped regarding several of the expressions I’d often heard in class like 'drop and hold' and 'bend, press' - which has been enlightening and very useful.

Q: Do you feel this increased knowledge has made you stronger during regular classes?

A: For sure. I was very keen to get back into Studio after my first Private Barre. I definitely have a lot more awareness of my alignment which I believe has made me stronger.

Q: How was a Private Barre session different to a group class?

A: Obviously I receive one-to-one attention from my Instructor which makes the exercises much more intense and I've had a lot of detailed help regarding my alignment.

Q: Have you targeted any specific body areas during your Private Barre session?

A: I have a very flexible lower back and tight mid/upper back, so we've been focusing on keeping my lower back safe and working to open up the higher back. We've also worked a lot on on the engagement of my lower abs.

Q: Would you recommend a Private Barre to other Barrecore fans?

A: Absolutely yes!

Q: If so why?

A: It’s great to have the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always meant to ask after class! It is so helpful to learn more about your own body and its possibilities. Plus the stretches I have been shown using the foam roller are something I’d like to incorporate into my home life as I can really see the benefit.

Q: Will you be booking another Private Barre session?
A: Absolutely, I booked a course of sessions immediately after my first one!

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