A female barre instructor dressed in black sportswear is say on the floor in a splits position with her arms in the air facing a mirror in a barre studio.

5 Fitness Excuses You Need To Stop Making

20 February 2021

Excuses are easy to make, especially when it comes to skipping a workout. However if you want to make progress with your strength, shape and overall health and fitness goals it's important to commit to regular workouts. 

At Barrecore we talk about four being the magic number. If you can regularly attend four classes a week you will see significant change in your body shape, tone, strength and stamina. It’s important that you stay on top of your four classes a week if you want to see those long lasting results we keep harping on about.

We know that four classes a week sounds rather daunting, and even more so when you glance at your weekly calendar and it’s already brimming full with meetings, after-work drinks, date nights, and visiting the in-laws over the weekend. It becomes tempting to skip class.

Here are five classic excuses that we hope you'll think twice about making.

And here's five of our best tips to help you stay motivated.

"I'm so far away from my goal, why start now?" 

Pick an attainable goal, one that's realistic and make it specific. It can't just be 'lose weight over the next six months.' Pick a date, be it a family wedding or a holiday with friends, and pick an quantifiable goal. If you have a goal in mind, you know what you're working towards and can plan out the steps you have to take to get there. Whatever your reason, the next time you go to skip a class, conjure up that reason in your mind and ask yourself if it’s worth missing out on that shakey, Barrecore feeling.

“I need to go home and have dinner” 

This is no longer an excuse you can use to get out of a Barrecore class. If you know you have a busy schedule, but still want to squeeze in a class after work and not have to eat dinner at 10pm, then prep your meals and take them to work with you. Not only does this help you avoid excuses about being hungry, it will also prevent you from buying something unhealthy and unfulfilling from a shop on the way home. Prep your meals on a Sunday evening for those days when you know there’s just no time to go home for dinner before heading to class.

"I'm feeling unmotivated because I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped" 

We all have bad days, but don’t let that knock you back. There will be days when you’ll have to do a modified version of the side plank when you normally do the full version - because you’re just not feeling as strong. There might be days when you crave chocolate and can’t help yourself, perhaps you’re feeling a bit down. Or times when you just can’t do as many reps as usual because you’re busy thinking about something that happened at work. This is all natural, experienced by everyone and it’s important that when this does happen, you listen to your body. Don’t beat yourself up about it and don’t think you’re going backwards - and then skip your next class because you’re frustrated. That will only make it worse. The best thing to do is admit that was a tough day and resolve that tomorrow you’ll be back on track.

"I'm too tired" 

Four classes a week is a lot, especially when you factor in all the other life admin we are swamped with. Sometimes you can feel exhausted, however, it is said that light exercise will give you more energy than no exercise at all. A study carried out at the University of Georgia found that people that reported persistent fatigue had more energy after a low intensity workout over those who experienced persistent fatigue and didn’t do any exercise. If you are tired, don’t over do it, maybe a BarreRESTORE class could give you that post class feel good and keep your four class a week commitment going strong. 

"I can't see any change" 

We’re confident that if you set yourself the challenge of completing 16 classes in four weeks you will see change. We know that four classes a week is the magic number you need to do to see lasting results. If you hit your target, that’ll be motivation in itself as you watch your body transform, and it will happen.

Cosmopolitan journalist, Lauren Smith, attended nothing but Barrecore classes for six weeks. The difference from the start of her six weeks to the end (pictured below) is quite remarkable. Lauren admits; "I definitely didn't eat like a ballerina - I did my six weeks just before Christmas and let's just say I had a lot of cheese and wine and boozy truffles." But she says "What barre classes are really good at is strengthening your muscles and toning your body in a more long-term way (more muscle = a faster metabolism!). I felt a bit more 'cinched in' and less bloated than before, and my legs definitely felt more muscular."

Read the full article here.

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