3 reasons you should be taking time out to stretch

3 reasons you should be taking time out to stretch

22 August 2018

There's nothing more satisfying than an indulging stretch. That painful but amazing feeling in your glutes when you take your figure four is like no other. So, why do so many people forget to stretch, don't allow enough time for it, or simply can't be bothered?

We know that stretching sometimes feels as though you’re not changing your body. It doesn’t feel massively challenging compared to that weighted arms section in the warm up, nor does it make you shake uncontrollably unlike the dreaded thigh set. But, it is just as important as each set and should be prioritised in your fitness schedule.



We spoke to super flexible instructor, Jenny, about why stretching is as important as your actual workout...

1. Improve flexibility and range of motion

Stretching helps to improve both your flexibility and your range of motion, meaning you can see visible improvements in exercises like Standing Splits.

2. Reduce muscle soreness with stretching 

Taking time to stretch after class or on a rest day can reduce muscle soreness and help prevent injury. We’re all working to find that coveted Barrecore burn, but it’s so important recover the body as well. If you’re unsure of which stretched to do and would rather have a guided session, our Stretch classes are what you’re looking for.

3. Take time to restore

It’s time for you to just breathe and slow down! That’s why we have a Restore class on the timetable, it's time for you to listen to your body, your breath and release those areas you’ve been working hard. We are all dashing around with busy schedules, a Restore class encourages you to take your time and unwind.

Suddenly feeling the urge to have a good stretch and sort out that post-class soreness? Make our BarreRESTORE class part of your weekly workout plan.