Our Different Barrecore Classes

BarreSIGNATURE is our original and most famous class. This class caters to all abilities and is always challenging. The constant change of choreography keeps your mind and muscles guessing. Over the years we have launched additional classes that build on this class, but offers different slightly different experiences.

If you're new to fitness or Barrecore, we always advise that you first try our BarreFORM class, to really understand our technique and get better results out of your future classes. Once you are comfortable with the basics, BarreSIGNATURE will be your go-to class for quick and incredible results. When you feel ready, you can also join our BarreSCULPT, BarreSWEAT and BarreYOGA classes.

We strongly recommend that you take a weekly BarreRESTORE class, to stretch out and restore your muscles in-between our very intense classes. This will help you achieve transformative results even faster. BarreBREATHE is another complement to our exercise classes, designed to teach correct breathing which will help your work in all our classes, and bring calm to your mind and body.

When you have become a master of our technique, we invite you to join our most hardcore class - BarreADVANCED.

Barrecore is also one of the best and safest ways to exercise during and after pregnancy. We offer a live streamed BarrePRENATAL class, specifically tailored to suit a pregnant body. If you are prenatal you are also welcome to join our BarreFORM and BarreSIGNATURE classes, but we strongly advise you to book in a Private Prenatal Modification Session ahead of joining these classes. Please email us here to book.


More repetitions and slower transitions!

This class goes deep into our technique, helping you refine your positioning to get the most out of every single move in all your Barrecore classes. Great if you are new, getting back into fitness or recovering from injury - but equally attended by our hardcore clients as it's still a very challenging class!


Our famous original class!

Using a combination of bodyweight resistance, light props, and high repetitions we exhaust all your major muscle groups.


Adding resistance bands to further chisel those muscles!

The bands restrict your range of movement which allows you to feel isometric connections more easily and generate greater muscle burn out. Add this class to your schedule once a week and you'll notice even faster change in your body.


Adding extra high intensity, continuous movement and low-impact cardio exercises!

This class will improve your coordination, increase detoxification, and also decrease your blood pressure and resting heart rate.


Where Barrecore meets yoga!

Challenge yourself both physically and mentally as we integrate the traditional fluid, breath led moves of a Vinyasa class, with the precise, isometric, tiny moves of Barrecore.


Stretch and restore your muscles regularly for better results!

This restorative class focuses on breathing techniques, joint mobilisation, and lengthening stretches to help you achieve transformative results even faster. The resulting supple, flexible muscles will improve your positioning in all our classes, which means you'll be able to hold poses longer and achieve an even deeper muscle burn.


Breathing and mindfulness practices to help you in class - and far beyond!

Correct breathing will benefit your work in other Barrecore classes as it will help you stay in difficult positions longer. It will also release endorphins into your body, which will make you feel stronger and more elated during and after class. Other benefits of better breathing include the ability to better manage stress, anger, anxiety, and pain.


More repetitions, less recovery time, 10 minutes longer - and all the advanced modifications!

This class moves fast and is technically challenging, so if you aren't sure whether you are ready to progress, chat with one of our teachers and they can advise you.


Exercise safely and effectively throughout your pregnancy, to help reduce aches and prepare your body for birth!

This class is specifically tailored to suit a pregnant body, with clear modifications to match your trimester and personal needs.