A female barre instructor has her back to the barre and is holding it behind her to support a leg stretch

The Barrecore Method Explained

17 May 2021

It’s like a broken record here at Barrecore, 'The smaller the movement, the better', repeated over and over again in class. These small (almost invisible) intense movements combined with the 'hold' you’ve come to know and love, are the key to achieving rapid changes to the body.

You will frequently hear our specialist instructors telling you to 'drop hold', 'lift hold' or 'squeeze hold' in class. This ‘hold’ is actually an isometric contraction and is the single most important part of every movement we do at Barrecore.

An isometric contraction is one where neither the joint angle nor the length of the muscle changes during muscular contraction. It’s difficult to visualise but this static point (without range of motion) is the sweet spot of calorie burning. The more you contract a muscle and the longer you keep it contracted, the more energy you use to fuel the muscle and the more calories you will burn. It seems counter-intuitive but it is the ‘hold’ that produces results.

Barrecore classes involve performing high repetitions of these small isometric movements and contractions, focusing on major muscle groups - thighs, glutes and abdominals, for the ultimate fat burning workout.

If you come to at least 2 classes a week, you'll quickly begin to notice your legs getting more toned and jeans fitting looser at the waist, thighs and seat. Those that come to class 4 time a week will notice that these changes happen even faster. So remember, the longer you stay low in you thighs set, and push through that burn and shake, the more calories you will burn and the more fat you will lose!