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Simple Summer Health Tips

05 July 2021

Summer is always a busy time full of distractions and temptations. Here are some easy to follow pointers on the best ways to keep cool, focused and energised enough to stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle (instead of indulging in ice-cream and rose!).

1. Sleep cool

When nights get hot and sticky assess your bedroom and pre-bedtime routine. During hot days keep your blinds shut so the sunlight stays out to ensure the room is kept as cool as possible at night. Take all duvets and cushions off the bed and instead use a lightweight sheet (not flannel!). Set a lightweight blanket next to your bedside in case you cool off in the small hours. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Adding lemon juice, mint and a small slice of cucumber may help you consume more, as well as aid your digestion. Sleep in a loose fitting tank top and panties in pure cotton for maximum breathability. On extremely hot nights, soaking feet in ice cold water for a few minutes before bed will help relax the nervous system aiding faster shut-eye.

2. Keep your training commitment

Workout before 10 am, when will power is at it's highest. As the heat increases, training desire decreases. If performing high intensity or cardio workouts, make sure to take a tepid shower before dressing and allow time to cool off before putting your work attire on so you aren't profusely sweating the rest of the day (and therefore embarrassed and/or grumpy!).

3. Eat & supplement for the heat

Eat seasonally. Seasonal foods in your part of the world are high in the nutrients you need to stay energised during the summer months. In the UK, these include berries (high in Vitamin C), cleansing bitters and hydrating courgettes, fennel and radishes. Take Vitamin C as it helps the body adapt to warmer temperatures and climates. Magnesium is essential, not only during hotter days as you lose electrolytes when you sweat but throughout the year as up to 70% of us are deficient. Make sure you are getting enough quality salt, such as Himalayan pink or Celtic Sea salts. These will help replace lost sodium, avoid heat exhaustion and will keep your adrenal glands happy, therefore, your body energised to charge through your day.