A female barre instructor is holding a ballet barre and holding her right leg up in a backward kick standing pretzel position

Perfect your Standing Pretzel Technique

13 November 2017

The Standing Pretzel is a really traditional barre move. It's designed to work your glutes in your lifted leg and strengthen the bone density in your supporting leg, but it can be quite a difficult one to master.

Incase you missed any top tips in the video, here's a written recap...

  1. You need to start with your supporting leg slightly bent and parallel to the bar. Your back leg needs to be lifted behind you and turned out into a clam shell position.
  2. Throughout this move you need to focus on dialling your lifted knee down below your toes as this will really begin to work your seat muscles.
  3. You also want to focus on finding length through the front of your body so be sure to really lengthen your hip flexes as this will help to activate your glutes.
  4. If you really want to challenge yourself, you have the option to extend the leg out, lengthening it as much as you can. Still keeping that long line through your hip, but really focus on extending the leg as levering it away from your core will make your glute muscles work even harder.
  5. Watch the video below for a demonstration from Teacher Trainers, Emily and Gemma, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more technique tips.