A female barre instructor sits on the floor of a barre studio with her knees bent and arms out wide to the sides holding two small weights

Easy at Home Arm Exercises for Toned Arms

25 July 2021

Looking to tone up your arms at home? First stop - try and get to a Barrecore studio class at least three times per week. Second stop - try these three easy to follow moves at home in between class to get your arms in tip-top shape.

No Weights Arm Exercise - Eccentric Arms

Best for working: Tops of shoulders, triceps and upper back.

How to do it: Stand with arms stretched straight out to the sides at shoulder height. Make a small bend press movement with your arms on a horizontal plane. The smaller the movement the harder you'll work. Repeat 30-40 times.

Challenge yourself: Add leg lifts at the same time as working your arms for a full body burn.

No Weights Arm Toning Exercise - Can-Can Tricep dips

Best for working: ‘Bingo wings’ with added core work from the can-can movement.

How to do it: Sit on the floor with your knees bent, hip-width apart, placing your hands under your shoulders (fingertips pointing forward). Pull one knee into chest. Bend elbows back as lifted leg extends toward ceiling, then press your elbows straight as the knee bends back toward chest. Repeat 15 times, then switch legs.

Challenge yourself: Straight leg can-can. Start with a straight leg up toward the ceiling and stretch your leg straight forward (even with lower knee) as arms move straight, then move leg back to a vertical position when arms bend.


At Home Arm Exercise with Weights - Weighted Arm Hinges

Best for working: The entire arm, it will be sculpted and lengthened

How to do it: Holding a 1.5-2 kg weight in each hand (water bottles work, too!), kneel on the floor with knees six inches apart. Keep tailbone tucked under and abs drawn in as torso ‘hinges’ back, so there is a diagonal straight line from knees up to your head. Bring your elbows in to your ribs and arms at a 45 degree angle so you can just see your fingers in the corner of your eye. Press weights out in front (just a couple inches) twice, then extend both arms straight once. Repeat sequence 15-20 times.

Challenge yourself: Add a small tuck of the tailbone with each arm movement.