A man holding a squat pose with his palms held together next to a ballet barre in a barre class for men.

Barre Fitness for Men

18 August 2021

We asked a few guys to try out Barrecore and guess what? Turns out it was a lot tougher than they thought...

What Bud said:

I haven't done much high-intensity exercise for a couple of months as I was training for and recovering from a 100km walk, so was expecting to feel the burn in class, but I figured my climbing would give me a reasonable base to work from. Boy, was I wrong - that class totally kicked my butt, but in the best possible way.
I felt pretty exhausted about five minutes into the class, and almost cried when Charlie announced that we were (just) half-way - I had zero expectation of making it to the end at that stage - but it was really interesting how the exercises and tempo keep changing just enough to keep you in the game, without ever threatening to feel "manageable.

I must confess I expected this to be a bit of a one-off, but I fear I am in danger of becoming addicted to the burn - and it helps that everyone (i.e. the ladies) in the class were really friendly, welcoming and tolerant of the sweaty, grunting heap in the corner - I'll be back!

What Chris said:

Being asked to attend a new workout class can be daunting for some regular gym users, but being open-minded and happy to accept a challenge I took up the offer to attend one of Barrecore’s HIIT classes. I'm still aching two days on - the sign of a great workout!

Upon arrival the staff at reception were really friendly, welcoming, showed us around the Studio and were happy to help with my questions.

The class kicked-off with a heap of energy and great motivation from Instructor Natasha. In no time I could see why the classes at Barrecore are so popular. The class itself was a mix up of core stability work outs, high cardio sessions, weight training and stretching. A great mix up and general overall body workout, I felt by the end of the session I had worked all major muscle groups while keeping up a healthy sweat throughout the routine.

I would happily recommend one for Barrecore’s classes to anyone looking for a great workout, and they're a good challenge too. Thanks to the team and Natasha for an awesome workout!

What John said:

Walking into Barrecore I was a little thrown off, mostly because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The best description someone gave me of the class was a mix of high interval, running, yoga, pilates and maybe some dance-like movements.

I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, incorporating a mix of running, swimming and weight-lifting into my ordinary exercise routine. I eat right and while I'm no world-class athlete, I pride myself on keeping up with most people. I was slightly embarrassed then, by how this seemingly easy if not slightly unusual class tore through my muscles.

The first ten minutes were filled with aerobics, weights and flexing some muscles I didn't even realise that I had. Right from the start I knew that this hour would take from me everything I had. Then a part of me sunk when after ten intense minutes , I heard the words "Okay, warm-up's over" - a clear indication that even through a consistent exercise routine, people can often forget to train certain parts of the body.

Barrecore pushed me in ways I didn't think a few small weights, a mat and a ballet barre could. It's a class that I would highly recommend to anyone that has an interest in keeping themselves in decent shape and doesn't mind a challenge to their normal workout routine.

If you know a guy who's keen to switch up their workout and try something new, book them in for class. Check out the timetable now.