3 females in a barre class surrounded by mirrored walls, they are reaching up to the ceiling in a stretch position

6 Tips for Barrecore Beginners

03 January 2023

1. Wear form fitting clothes

At Barrecore we pride ourselves on teaching you our technique and form, but we need to see your bodies to do this! Even adjusting your form an inch can make a huge difference to the success of an exercise. We love the range from Girlfriend Collective made from recycled materials. 

2. Stay hydrated

We have water stations at all studios and sell water. If you are dehydrated your muscles will fatigue much faster, so keep yourself hydrated!

3. Grippy socks

Our secret weapon! They will help you from slipping and sliding on the mats, so you can then concentrate on the shake and burn instead. You can buy a pair of our Barrecore grippy socks in all studios or order online along with other clothing and equipment from our Barrecore shop


4. Your core is the key

Think about your core in every single exercise you do in class. The feeling should be like zipping up a very tight pair of jeans. This will bring your spine into a neutral alignment and stabilise your pelvis.


5. Bend those knees

We keep our knees slightly bent in a lot of our exercises to help prevent arching in the lower back, preventing injury in this area, and helping you engage your core.


6. You are stronger than you think 

Barrecore is going to challenge all your major (and some smaller!) muscle groups to the point of a shake and a deep burn. It's always important to ask yourself: can you be brave and go deeper once you hit that zone? You will make faster changes to your body if you do and you will get stronger much sooner!

Book in now and we will see you in-studio soon!