A female barre instructor is sideways on holding a barre and demonstrating a lunge position

3 Lunge Technique Tips

08 September 2021

We love lunges at Barrecore and we have a lot of variations; Parallel Lunge, Curtsy Lunge, Side Lunge, Dynamic Lunge, the list goes on. Aside from the regular tips you get in class, such as 'aim to get your front thigh parallel with the floor', 'engage your seat' and 'lift out of your waistline', here are three lesser known lunge technique tips to help you get the most from all of your lunge variations.

Balance your weight distribution

Always start by ensuring your body weight is evenly balanced and that both feet are pressing firmly into the floor. This creates stability and allows you to engage more deeply into all the muscles through the lower leg, thighs and glutes. Activated muscles mean you'll achieve a deeper, faster muscle burn-out and you'll see more dramatic results, faster. Added bonus, pressing both feet down hard into the floor helps activate the pelvic floor protecting from incontinence and improving sexual pleasure.


Your tailbone should be heavy

Consciously tipping your tailbone under during a lunge will help you keep glute engagement that will actively lift and perk up your seat. This small ‘tipping’ (not a deep tuck) also engages the transverse abdominus, the deepest abdominal layer which acts as a corset pulling the circumference of the waist in giving your stomach a whittled and flatter appearance.


Keep your ears over your shoulders

Correct upper body form makes a huge difference to your lunge success. Drawing your chin slightly back so your ears are over your shoulders, and shoulders are over your hips, will help position your body weight evenly and will load weight into the legs for a faster and deeper burn-out. This proper alignment also helps to tone your core muscles, relieve neck tension and pulls back the shoulders for a strong and confident posture.

Good luck in class!