We’re so excited to be kicking off the first Barrecore Challenge of 2021 to help motivate you, our community to attain your best possible physical and mental health as restrictions ease.

How Does it work?

Do 4 classes in-studio classes per week for 4 weeks from June 7th through July 4th and place a sticker next to your name when you’ve completed your class! You'll feel those physical and mental changes energise your body and mind immediately.

How do I join?

Simply sign up in the studio - you'll track your classes on our challenge tracker after every class. There is no cost to join the challenge - just book your classes and pay for them as you normally would. It's a great time to join the Unlimited Membership to get the most bang for your buck so please reach out to us at [email protected] if you need some guidance on the best package or membership.

Wait, there are prizes!?

Yes! There is one exciting grand prize and every person who completes this in-studio Challenge will be entered to win.

This AWESOME PRIZE PACKAGE worth £1000 includes:

- A full outfit from Girlfriend Collective
- 3 months supply of Wild Nutrition Supplements, including a B Complex, Multivitamin, Ashwagandha Plus, and Tumeric;
- A Signature Sculpt Workout from Face Gym
- £70 voucher with Moyses Stevens, redeemable for a bouquet to be sent anywhere nationwide
- A private In-Studio Barrecore class for you and up to 9 friends!

Sign up at the studio! And good luck!