Maternity Modifications

We offer you support during your pregnancy with a choice of either a pre or post natal session - both have been specially designed to help you workout safely and effectively at the barre.

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth then we STRONGLY ADVISE you to attend these sessions for your own safety.

IMPORTANT: To continue to participate in barre fitness classes during your pregnancy you will need to complete a medical form and have it signed by either your Midwife or a Doctor. Forms are available from any Barrecore Studio.

Pre-Natal Modification Session

This session is designed to offer our Clients workable modifications for key Barrecore moves, which can then be applied during regular classes. This helps clients to continue exercising safely and effectively whilst pregnant. The session is individually tailored to each Client's needs, as what feels safe to one prenatal client could feel very different to another.

Post-Natal Modification or Diastasis Session

Designed to ease Clients, who have recently given birth, back into regular Barrecore classes. Our instructors are there to work alongside new mums to find what feels good for them, and to help overcome any Barrecore positions that they may find to be more challenging.

After pregnancy, many women suffer from a condition where their abdominal wall separates, this is known as 'Diastasis'. Our trained experts can diagnose this issue and run through a series of take-home exercises that help heal the wall and strengthen the core back to pre-pregnancy levels.