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10 best online fitness classes for exercising at home during lockdown

With gyms and studios shut for the foreseeable future, get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home

Don’t let another lockdown get in the way of your fitness goals. With winter dampening – or freezing out – a lot of the motivation to get outside that we had in the summer, there’s never been a better time to try an online workout.

From yoga to boxercise to CrossFit, there are plenty of apps and channels out there to guide you into a new workout. But there’s nothing quite like a live class: having a solid commitment in the diary can be as much of a mental health boost as the workout itself. Knowing that you’re working out with dozens of other people can be a great help if you’re feeling isolated, and knowing that the instructor can see what you're up to (in some cases) might be just the impetus you need to hold that plank for a second longer.

A lot has changed since the March lockdown. The tech behind livestreamed classes has improved a lot, with better music and more camera angles, and most of the big gyms have started offering something. The issue now isn’t so much the quantity of online workouts, but quality.

Which is where our team of locked-down reviewers came in. We have tested all of these workouts, having a go at more than one if the platform offers a variety (yoga and spin, for example). None of our reviewers have a lot of space (think rented rooms in shared houses), so these sessions have all been rated suitable for a bedroom workout. That includes going light on the equipment and the leaping around – unless otherwise noted, the people in the flat below should have no idea you’re giving Beyoncé a run for her money.

As in March, what we love most about these live workouts is the sense of community, even when that community is invisible. We love workouts where it is possible to interact with the instructor and get a shout-out. But we also loved the freedom to have the camera off, and to spring about like Sia (we wish), knowing that hundreds of others were doing the same.

Barrecore livestreamed classes: £6

This is the place to start if you’ve ever been curious about barre, which is a sort of middle ground between ballet and pilates. Forget your preconceptions: there’s rarely a tutu in sight, and you don’t even need your own barre – just comfy clothes, room to stretch, and the occasional easy-to-find prop like a chair or ball.

We recommend starting with the two-week introduction series (handily, there’s a two-week free trial on offer, so they know you’ll be hooked). After that, jeté your way into the livestreamed classes with confidence. There are multiple daily sessions, and your first class is free.

Our unique Barrecore Method is recognised as one of the fastest, safest and most effective body transformation exercises, and has been publicly endorsed by Claudia Schiffer, Pippa Middleton, Rita Ora, Vogue, Elle, Women's Health, Condé Nast and Vanity Fair amongst many others. We have physical studios as well as online workouts accessed by Barrecore fans in over 100 countries. Barrecore is suitable for all fitness levels, and can easily be done from home without special equipment. Try our workouts through the free trial of Live Streamed Classes, or the free trial of our Videos On Demand.

"This is the place to start if you’ve ever been curious about barre, which is a sort of middle ground between ballet and pilates."