Whether you're a gym enthusiast or just getting started with fintess, staying on track can be a challenge. Sheerluxe sat down with the capital's leading fitness experts to find out how they make exercise a way of life...


"My workouts have to be time efficient, interesting and challenging, keeping my body guessing, as well as stress-reducing, leaving me energised and inspired for the next session. I make sure I get in an effective workout every fourth day to keep my body in 'fat melting' mode. I'm also a huge advocate of taking magnesium within 30 minutes of a workout - it's the fastest way to reduce the natural uplift of cortisol a workout can produce. When cortisol lowers quickly post-workout, belly fats melts away more effectively." - Niki Rein, founder of Barrecore.


"Fitness has changed my life and my relationship with my body; I've gone from having zero body confidence to growing into a strong and content young women. If I set myself a fitness-related goal, there is no substitute for hard work and consistency. Training six days a week and averaging around 25k steps a day, recovery is hugely important, too. I try to nail my sleep, minimise stress and prioritise nutrition - as a vegetarian, I take a protein supplement daily to ensure I have everything I need to train hard and recover harder." - Laura Hoggins, strength training coach and author of Lift Yourself.


"I don't have any rules when it comes to working out but this hasn't always been the case. For years, I let my workouts dictate my days, setting a timer on a machine told me I just had to keep going. Since diving into the group fitness scheme, I've found a way to breathe, enjoy and not set standards on myself that would have me crashing and burning on day three. It's important to find balance and make your workouts more meaningful. It's wonderful to have health and fitness goals, but spending an eternity chasing perfection isn't what life's all about." - Ashley Verma, founder of Define London

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My workouts have to be time efficient, interesting and challenging to keep my body guessing.