Part of the journey to become someone who actually enjoys regular exercise is finding an activity that you love, especially if you have a health condition. But with so much choice out there, it can be hard to choose. We ask experts about three fun and alternative ways to keep fit that you may not have tried yet.

I never used to be someone who enjoyed exercising much; the thought of lifting weights was intimidating and running on a treadmill for 30 minutes didn't seem very appealing. However, after successfully completing my first 10k race, my confidence grew. I set out to find more ways to keep fit that would make the experience enjoyable and leave me coming back for more.

Barre Fitness

If you're looking for a low-impact workout that still packs a punch, barre fitness is steadily gaining popularity and offers a unique set of movements that you won't find in any other class. Almost like a mix of ballet movements and Pilates.

"Because it's a low-impact but high-intensity exercise, it integrates the fat-burning format of interval training to exhaust each major muscle group, which in turn helps to lengthen muscles," explains Niki Rein, founder of Barrecore Fitness Studios.

"For this reason, it's an incredibly effective workout for safely reshaping the entire body," she adds.

Barre offers many benefits including improved strength, posture, balance and spatial awareness, with a focus on joint stabilising. The smaller your movements, the harder you work.

"Those who suffer from chronic knee and back pain tend to find relief from the stabilisation and core strengthening exercises after just a few weeks of regular barre classes," says Rein.

"Clients who suffer from minor scoliosis also notice a considerable improvement with their levels of pain, posture, and energy levels," she reveals.

However, those with severe arthritis, or spinal/disc damage should avoid group barre classes, Rein warns.

If you do have an injury, your instructor will be able to show you modified positions to ensure the range of movement is safe for your capabilities.

If those benefits weren't enough for you, Rein asks: "How often do you get to feel like a prima ballerina in your day-to-day?"

If you're unable to attend a class near you, try completing your own 10-minute barre workout at home - all you need is a chair!

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The smaller your movements, the harder you work.