Leading boutique health and fitness brand, Barrecore, launch a new, time-efficient, yet challenging class to strengthen, lengthen and work the muscles. With SIGNATURE EXPRESS, achieving a fast and effective 45-minute lunchtime workout has never been easier, even for those with the fullest of schedules.

Hectic lifestyles mean a lack of time is the most common excuse for not exercising regularly. Long hours at the office and busy social lives mean increasingly people are choosing to incorporate exercise into the 9-5 day, with 37% of people working-out during their lunch break*. Perfect for a lunch time pick-me-up, SIGNATURE EXPRESS is a fast-paced class that makes every minute count.

Incorporating iconic Barrecore moves, this class is suitable for all fitness levels and body shapes. To keep your body guessing, the format incorporates an extended section on either the upper body (arms, abs and core) or lower body (calves, thighs and seat) ensuring optimal burnout for rapid change.

For fast and enviable results, Barrecore suggest incorporating SIGNATURE EXPRESS three times in your weekly schedule.

“We have a really tight-knit community at Barrecore and when our clients ask for something, we listen! We know our clients are all leading incredibly busy lives, and to help fit around their busy schedules we have created the lunchtime SIGNATURE EXPRESS Class. These 45 minute classes will target every muscle group, but with an extra special focus on one area (such as the upper body or flexibility) on different days of the week. The added bonus is that although clients will be working hard, there is very little sweating, so quickly changing and getting back to the office is easy!” - Niki Rein, Creative Director at Barrecore

SIGNATURE EXPRESS classes will be available at the Mayfair and Chelsea Studios from January 2017.

SIGNATURE EXPRESS is a fast-paced class that makes every minute count.
Signature Express Barrecore Class