2020. A new decade. The perfect time to explore new routines that empower you in the rest of your life, starting with fitness. Our friends at Urban caught up with our founder Niki Rein, to chat about what makes barre training different from other workouts and how she's planning on starting 2020 fresh!

U: What's your New Year's resolution this year?

N: My New Decade resolution is to make more space for non work-related creative time in my weekly diary. I have already signed up for my first ceramics course and plan to do a horticulture course to follow. Making the time for self-care has been a challenge since becoming a parent, so I have also committed to getting one bodywork treatment and one facial per month. I already know the easy way I am booking these sessions... Thanks Urban!

U: Who, or what, inspired you to found Barrecore?

N: I used to be solely a one-to-one trainer and I kept talking myself through my own barre classes in my living room and getting more and more frustrated that I didn't have a barre studio to go to. Finally, after a lonely attempt at an in-home workout I decided, "Fine! I will just have to start teaching classes myself!". This was a big effort for me as I was petrified of teaching group class at the time and I would feel sick to my stomach before I taught my first 50 or so classes. Now I absolutely love it!

U: What keeps you inspired to do what you do?

N: I am continuously inspired by everyone I work with and get to be around on a daily basis. Every time I am in a studio, I am awestruck by how interesting, clever and kind our community is... both clients and colleagues. Our studios are special places where I feel continuously inspired and which truly give me the driving force to continue. Our energy-generating workouts help out too!

U: What's your favourite workout?

N: Umm... Barrecore SIGNATURE! A combination of isometric exercises (small intense movement) alternated with stretching to help you create the longer, leaner looking physique associated with working out at the barre.

It's not too late to start your 2020 routine! Book into class and refresh your goals here.

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Best wishes,
The Barrecore Team

Every time I am in a studio, I am awestruck by how interesting, clever and kind our community is…both clients and colleagues.