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London’s best (and socially distanced) HIIT classes

Itching to get back to the gym? Here are five ways to work off the quarantine kilos

Londoners are always in a hurry, so it is no surprise that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has surged in popularity here. HIIT takes many forms, but it always involves short, explosive bursts of exercise followed by brief rest periods. This makes it one of the most efficient ways to lose fat: more calories are burnt in a short amount of time — and they continue simmering after class too. It increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), or the ‘‘afterburn” effect, which means the body continues to burn calories after a session.

BarreSweat (at Barrecore)

If you like the idea of HIIT but are put off by the prospect of sprinting in a dark studio with a shouty instructor, it’s worth trying a barre-based workout. The BarreSweat class at Barrecore, a boutique studio with 12 locations across London and the rest of the UK, is a low-impact HIIT workout and therefore kinder to those who suffer from lower-back pain or have dodgy knees. Its roots lie in ballet, so most of the moves are performed around a barre, but this class also combines dance, yoga and Pilates techniques with the sort of strength exercises you might find in a more conventional HIIT class.

The exercises are packaged together in lengthy chunks and the rest periods are brief. I initially doubted whether this type of workout would leave me breathless — until I experienced the notorious “barre shakes”. My legs trembled uncontrollably from engaging muscles I did not know existed. More than once I had to stop an exercise to shake a muscle out and I struggled to maintain balance, at one point almost falling over. The instructor assured me that the shakes are perfectly normal — even desired — as it shows that the exercise is working.

Class sizes are deliberately small so the instructor has time to spend correcting participants’ form and posture (and there was plenty of opportunity to do so in my case). It is a welcome change of pace from other HIIT classes and feels more civilised; at times it was even relaxing. At the end of the class, the lights are dimmed and participants are encouraged to lie down on a mat, eyes closed in an almost meditative state, before a lengthy series of stretches.

Unlike some other HIIT classes, I didn’t leave soaked with sweat but instead had an enormous appetite, which is usually a good sign that a workout was tough. (I burnt 356 calories in the 45-minute class, according to my fitness tracker.)

Under Barrecore’s Covid-security guidelines, clients are encouraged to change and shower at home, signs and floor markings are in place and workout stations are marked with tape to help maintain social distancing. Hand-sanitiser stations and wipes are also provided. Workout stations are set up before people arrive, with equipment laid out to stop congestion around the storage area, and new air-purification systems are used regularly throughout the day.

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“I initially doubted whether this type of workout would leave me breathless — until I experienced the notorious “barre shakes”. My legs trembled uncontrollably from engaging muscles I did not know existed."