At Barrecore we like to think of how we can enrich our lives by living well and living deeply. Richness in wellness terms doesn’t mean the number in your current account, nor the size of your house, nor the speed of your car. Being rich in life is about a more fundamental richness: one that transcends the limits of transactions, the economy and money.

How many times have you been to an event and while you’re making small talk with a new acquaintance, your conversation is limited to your job, where you’re from, where you live currently… and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll discuss the weather or a sporting event. Often in these situations I find there’s a big part of me crying out to connect in a deeper way and celebrate what my mind, body and spirit can and actually does do. We are so much more than these less meaningful parts of our identity – we are living, breathing biological forms of life with lofty dreams, physical ailments, emotional fears and bodily needs. All of these weird and wonderful aspects of our being are just that – weird and wonderful – and it’s these aspects that make us rich.

To that end, how can we infuse our life with more richness? I’d like you to think about how you could do this in 5 areas of your life:

1) Something to keep you in shape. We all know the benefits of being strong physically and eating well for our overall health (both physical and mental), life longevity, disease prevention, etc. But sometimes staying in shape can feel like a task rather than something to be enjoyed. How can you infuse your workouts with more enjoyment? Maybe try something new – if you haven’t yet, now’s the time to try our Signature Barrecore class to experience the infamous burn, or maybe take the leap of joining that Netball team to meet some new people. One extra tip here: think more about celebrating the body than working it out – it doesn’t matter what you look like doing it – it’s about how it feels in the body and the mind!

2) Something to keep you creative. If you’re like me, this point leaves me thinking – huh? I’m not very creative. But, is that really true? Any time you take a picture when you’re on a walk, that’s creative. Any time you do an Instagram post or write an email, that’s creative. It’s just about bringing awareness to this creativity and infusing it with purpose. Maybe you could make an album out of your nature pictures, or start writing a blog? Maybe your office needs a new social media manager or you could create a new Facebook group for your blog. Add this creative element into your routine, give it a little bit of love; and watch it flourish.

3) Something to build knowledge. When we finish school and start working it’s a huge sigh of relief. No more exams, no more papers, no more lectures. Wahoo! But this means our minds can become stagnant and we start to resent doing mostly the same job every day because we stop growing. How about finding something that you’ve always wanted to learn more about and spending a few hours on it each weekend? Maybe a new language, how to scuba dive or how to play Bridge? I can guarantee it will somehow add value to your life in a way that you could never have imagined.

4) Something to evolve your mindset. This is my favourite one. Notice the subtle difference between knowledge and mindset – this point is about challenging yourself to think in new ways, rather than learn something new. How can you challenge the ways that you think and evolve your mindset? Meditating is a great daily tool for this, or playing a challenging sport, or doing something totally out of your comfort zone. It’s about finding ways to expand your mindset so you can start to see opportunity for growth all around you, infusing your life with possibility and positivity.

5) Something to make you money. The one thing we’re all probably most familiar with. Money is what makes us be able to live in society so we all need a way of making it. That being said, it doesn’t need to be made begrudgingly. It is possible to make money from doing something you’re passionate about. I would like to challenge you to make your life richer by following the 4 steps above first and then think about how you could make your work life richer by incorporating aspects of these steps into your work life. Maybe you could teach a weekly meditation class in the office, or maybe be the new blog author for your company. Maybe you’ll lead your team to achieve their own secret goals to run a marathon, or learn a new language. The neat thing about getting rich – you can help make others rich too.

So, something physical that will evolve my mindset, keep me creative and build my knowledge…which could potentially help at work. Hmmm…I have never been climbing and I’m terrified of it – perfect, I’m going next weekend.

If you’d like some further wacky ideas for how to get ‘rich’ – feel free to reach out to Vicki at [email protected]