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A-list gyms you can join in your living room for FREE! The best online fitness classes loved by celebrities to make you sweat during lockdown

Claudia Connell sampled the online offerings by places that she'd normally fear. She tried Equinox, Barrecore, Barry's Bootcamp as well as Tracy Anderson class. Claudia revealed that the Barrecore workout was her favourite online class.

Like many people, when I exercise it tends to be in a pair of old leggings and a baggy T-shirt that have been relegated from my main wardrobe. If I’m ever in the mood to do a few bicep curls in front of the telly, then I find that a couple of pasta sauce jars from my kitchen cupboard double nicely as weights. But, if I had money to burn, it could be a set of 3kg monogram dumbbells by fashion house Louis Vuitton that I’d be lifting in front of Normal People. Or maybe my £350 Versace kettlebell.

Instead of doing the odd downward dog on an old bath towel, I could be doing it on a £5,000 Chanel yoga mat or, if I’d been too slow to snap up one of the limited editions, a £290 Yves Saint Laurent one.
But while I may not be able to afford the bling accessories, I can, for now, take the same classes as the rich and famous.


The aim is to sculpt the body using small, precise movements (like a ballet dancer). Celebrity followers include Darcey Bussell

Founded in 2011, Barrecore has centres across London, Cheshire and Bristol. Classes start from £28. The aim is to sculpt the body using small, precise movements (like a ballet dancer). Celebrity followers include Darcey Bussell (left), Rita Ora and Emma Stone.

The workout: By registering at barrecore.com, I’m able to take a free foundation class, focusing on the thighs, with Martha. As I don’t have a ballet barre in my kitchen, I use the back of a chair instead. Beginning with a series of leg lifts with pointed toes, I soon realise I have the most awful balance. I can barely lift my big toe an inch off the ground before I’m stumbling around like a drunk at the office party.

Next, with our feet in first position, we lift up onto our toes and go down into a deep squat. My thigh muscles don’t know what’s hit them and start to shake. This, apparently, is known as the ‘Barrecore shake’, but I’m not sure it’s meant to kick in yet.

Every exercise is done in a very slow and controlled manner and Martha’s instruction is excellent. ‘You’re feeling the burn, aren’t you?’ says Martha. ‘Don’t worry if you’re shaking, you should be.’ A series of leg raises follow using our core muscles to keep the leg up, then a series of tiny, pulsed movements. We roll the leg in and out again. My thighs feel like someone has set light to them.

Martha then gets on her knees with a ball between her thighs (I use a towel). Next, with hands in prayer position, I lean backwards and move forward very slowly to work my abdominals. I can do 50 crunches without a problem, but just one of these is killing me. After the class, it takes several minutes for my legs to stop shaking.

Verdict: I loved this class. The instruction was good and the exercises, although challenging, were not impossible.

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"Claudia revealed that the Barrecore workout was her favourite online class."