You can tell what a London mum is like based on her postcode, right?

In London, it's inevitable that the neighbourhood you choose to raise your family in becomes closely linked to your parenting identity. After all, once you have children, leaving the 'hood becomes an exhausting enterprise, not be undertaken more than once a week at most (not just us, surely?).

You'll find every kind of mum in London: the organised mum, the chaotic mum, the intimidating mum, the 'winging it' mum... but fundamentally, we've realised there's more that unites us mums than separates us. Even if you're north of the river and we're south.

London mums are known for being a bit OTT – perhaps because of the whole tutoring from primary school thing, or hiring night nannies to survive those early days. But London mums also know that parenting is much, much better when you're armed with a strong flat white and can let your kids run around a cool new art exhibit when they need to let off some steam (who needs a garden anyway?).

The W8/W10 mums

We can think of many reasons families would choose to settle in leafy West London: the restaurants; the schools (note the abundance of French/English bilingual schools, ideal for Parisian transplants); the properties; Hyde Park; and the city's best salons and workout spots, ideal for keeping those gorgeous mummies' bods honed to perfection.

Local hangs: The school gates at Wetherby and Glendower, which are more stylish than some fashion weeks thanks to the bevy of chic celeb parents, stimulating the minds of the next generation with Tarka classes, bonding with the little ones at family members' clubs like Maggie & Rose and Cloud Twelve.

Mums are most likely to be found: shaking at Barrecore or sweating at Heartcoreduring school hours; acting as chaffeurs afterwards, as they do multiple tutor/sports/dance/art/Mandarin drops for their various offspring, daily.

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