Treat a friend, colleague or family member to their first Barrecore class this February for just £10! (value £28)

Barrecore classes are even more fun with a friend in tow, which is why we are relaunching our special friend referral campaign.

Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated, as you can share your progress together, plus you have someone to laugh through the ‘shake’ with! Also, making plans to go to class with someone you're close to is a great way to make sure you actually stick to your fitness routine.

As this will be your friend's first Barrecore class, we recommend that newbies always start with either our BarreFORM or BarreSIGNATURE class to get comfortable with the basics of The Barrecore Method.

BarreFORM incorporates more repetitions and slower transitions to better isolate muscle groups and help you perfect your technique. It's a great class if you're new to barre fitness, recovering from injury or are pregnant - but it's also attended by our long-standing clients as it's still a very challenging class and a great way to focus on that all important mind-body connection for maximum results!

Find out more about BarreFORM here.

is our famous original class. The teacher will offer you modifications throughout the 55-minute duration to decrease or increase the intensity, so this class is suitable to newbies as well as our long-term clients. None of our classes are ever identical, but as with BarreFORM, this class use a combination of bodyweight resistance, light props, work at the barre and high repetitions to exhaust all your major muscle groups.

Find out more about BarreSIGNATURE here.

So w
hat are you waiting for? Book your buddy in now at any of our studios and hit the barre together!

We look forward to seeing you both in studio!

Best wishes,
The Barrecore Team x

“Working out with a friend is such a great way to stay motivated”