Barrecore's low-impact, high-intensity, ballet-inspired method has helped hone the lithe forms of supermodels like Jourdan Dunn and Claudia Schiffer and socialites including Pippa Middleton. (That's right, her pert derrière didn't sculpt itself!)

We asked Barrecore client (and bride-to-be) Sophie Southmayd six quick-fire questions to find out how the Barrecore's Transform Package and our expert teachers helped her feel and look fabulous in the lead up to her forthcoming nuptials.

1. How did you find your first Barrecore class?

I had read that the Victoria's Secret models take on barre exercise to get fit and strong, so I was intrigued to try it. In terms of how I felt after the class, I was not prepared for how tough it is! My first class was an intense workout of small but powerful movements, the effects of which I continued to feel all week. I was that girl in class that was breathing loudly and wincing at the teacher when encourging me to dig deep for that one extra set.

2. When did you start noticing a difference in your body?

After about two weeks of taking classes twice a month, I noticed that all areas of my body felt 'lifted' - tucked tummy, pert bum and toned arms. I also noticed that my anxiety had reduced and I was sleeping better at night.

3. How would you compare The Barrecore Method to other exercise classes you’ve tried?

I love Barrecore's combination of intense repetition in the class sets, and then the mid-way stretch. That is SO important to me, because I don't find that other gym classes take the necessary time to stretch. This helps to elongate my muscles and makes for a leaner muscle (I've learnt so much for the teachers!), and that's really what I'm after.

4. How has Barrecore helped you during you pre-wedding journey? Has it helped with your lifestyle routine? How has it made you feel overall?

I have a busy lifestyle: I'm a stylist and an influencer. I run a social media business, I'm a shareholder in a crystal business and am launching an app. Adding a wedding was definitely not something I had time for! My stress levels were off the charts, but I found that Barrecore's Transform Package gave me a reason to take time out for myself. I had 48 classes and 6 private sessions to diarise in the lead up to my wedding and the combination of intensity, breathing, and stretching (not to mention the extremely friendly staff and instructors) in sessions has been a much-needed break I need for myself. I used to feel guilty sneaking away from my workload to go to the gym, but this has become a prerequisite in my week.

5. What achievements are you most proud of over the past months?

Ever since I turned 30 years, my bum has decided to move south. It wasn't as perky as it always had been, and it was my goal to get it back to a place where I felt confident in my wedding dress (which is quite form-fitting). I really worked hard and I now definitely see a noticeable difference. I also feel tighter all over my body, and can see increased muscle definition in my arms and legs.

But I think I'm most proud to have achieved a heightened level of self care thanks to Barrecore. Going to the my classes isn't a choice anymore, it's a necessity. I always feel better in myself after going to BarreSIGNATURE. Not only am I proud of myself for going, for feeling strong, supported and focused, but it gives me much-needed time away from my work emails, phone and demands around the wedding.

6. Do you have any fitness tips for fellow brides-to-be?

Make some regular time for yourself! You will be way more productive if you take an hour to workout - to release tension and renew your energy. Not only is this amazing for your mind, but your body will thank you for the numerous benefits. I've never seen better results than with barre classes personally. I'm not a super sporty girl, and this is a great workout if you're looking for lean muscle/definition.

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