INSPIRE: Rimi Dabhia

For our INSPIRE series, we chat to some our favourite and most influential friends in the health and wellness industry. In the spotlight today is Rimi Dabhia, founder of one of our best selling products, LoveRaw bars.

Why do you love what you do?

The greatest satisfaction is when we receive emails and in store demos of people telling us how much they love the bars. We then get to know people individually and have them part of our community; this interaction is priceless and makes what we do worthwhile. I have a great personal interest in health, food and healing with what we eat. To be able to make what I love into a full time job feels amazing. I actually graduated in economics and worked in investment banking for six years.

What advice would you give entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business?

Firstly go with your own gut instinct and take a risk. When I first approached distributors, I was told they were too expensive and they would not do well, these people know the industry. I created a high quality bar first then worked out costs. I had a gut feeling to ignore the advice and take a risk, I had to go ahead. Secondly, find a mentor. This can be anyone who has experience in the world of business. It’s always good to discuss your ideas with someone who has a different vision. Also they will have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thirdly, you got to love what you do, because this is what will get you through the bad or difficult days.

With so many new products to market, what do you think makes LoveRaw stand out as the fantastic product that it is?

When I did market research, wow there are so many health bars. As you know many have unnecessary and inferior ingredients.The healthier ones were ok, but filled with the cheaper ingredients and a tiny amount of the key ingredients to be more cost efficient. This was the gap in the market we had to fill. We use a high amount of quality ingredients such as pure raw Ecuadorian cacao which is used in raw & luxury chocolate. A good amount of Chia, Rosehip and Spirulina, enough to actually have some nutritional benefit. Eating LoveRaw should be an experience from picking it up to taking your last bite. The most important, clean, organic ingredients is what we do well. We are launching our new flavour this month Cacao & Spirulina, if you like Cacao & Maca you will love this. Also our new sister company Organic Super Blends launches at the end of the month, chia based superfood boosters.

What are your goals this year?

Honestly to make more effort and “me” time doing little things like blow dry my hair, paint my nails. Start practising zen mediation, I have my first session tonight and I'm looking forward to it. Making more time to cook new dishes and time to read.

What is your normal day like in terms of food and exercise?

I gave up meat two years ago and eat fish occasionally, the wild sort. I avoid dairy, gluten, wheat and sugar. I start my day with 1 litre of warm water, with lemon, fresh ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. I then either drink 1 litre of fruit smoothie, I mix it up with what’s in season - always organic. Or I eat a huge fruit salad topped off with OSB Skin food or Omega 3 blend.

Mid-morning I mix OSB Alkaline Greens with water. Lunch is a huge salad, my favourite is spiral courgette, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and parsley. I always add avocado and have a side of hummus, quinoa or millet. I will snack on a LoveRaw bar come the afternoon.

My evening meal can either be vegetables sautéed in spices and herbs, I always add garlic, chilli and ginger. Buckwheat risotto with mushrooms and artichokes, which are in season or a warm lentil salad. I like to take spin class once a week, include one HIT workout (high intensity training) and yoga twice a week.

We spend 5 minutes with LoveRaw Founder Rimi Dabhia
LoveRaw - Rimi Dabhia LoveRaw - Rimi Dabhia