While the government isn’t allowing group classes quite yet (fingers crossed for May 17), we are excited to open our doors for Private Sessions on April 12!

In celebration, your first Private Session is 1/2 price for a limited time! Buy our special /INTRO/Private Session credit here.

9 Reasons To Book A Private Session In Studio From 12 April

1. You want a break from home workouts

It’s OK. We don’t take it personally, and are all quite keen to get out of the house. Coming into studio will also help you soak up some of that wonderful in-person energy of our teachers.

2. You want to get more out of online classes

Barrecore is all about the small, precise movements. By improving your technique, you will better ensure that you are hitting all the right spots and are getting the most out of your online classes. After nearly a year of online classes it’s a good idea to have a teacher check in on your form!

3. You would like a tailored programme

Be it increasing energy levels, building strength, losing weight or other goals. We have a wide range of classes, and can help you put together a program where the frequency and types of classes are fully tailored to you.

4. You could do with an accountability partner

We know how hard it can be to stick to workout commitments, especially when having worked out from home for nearly a year. Through Private Sessions we can not only tailor your journey, but also help you get back - and stay - on track!

5. You are new

Maybe you are brand (or fairly) new to our method - or maybe you have only done our online classes so far. Firstly, welcome! We are so excited you found us! During a Private Session in person, an expert teacher can check your form and give you important pointers to make sure that your workout journey with us is the very best it can be.

6. You are injured or have a special circumstance

Since Barrecore is one of the “kindest ways to work your body hard”, many clients come to us with injuries from prior high impact exercises as well as non-workout related issues. As a result, our teachers have experience with a wide range of special cases and always love to help you on your journey.

7. You are prenatal

First off - congrats! Barrecore is one of the safest ways to get a solid workout while keeping yourself and your baby safe. Through Private Sessions we can make sure to tailor your workout to your individual pregnancy, trimester etc.

8. You are postnatal

Congrats to you too! Private Sessions are a great way to slowly return to exercise. If you have suffered from diastasis recti, we can help you to safely and progressively build strength back to your pelvic floor and TA. We can also address any postural issues that have resulted from pregnancy, and will work at a pace that suits you.

9. You simply like to work out in private

Private Sessions are all about you - and allow you to get that extra attention, guidance and a journey that is fully focused on you. You might also be interested in our VIP Private Sessions where we come to you!

No matter the reason, one of our expert teachers will guide you through a Barrecore Method workout that is focused entirely on your specific needs and goals. We are thrilled to be seeing you all in person soon!

"Through Private Sessions we can not only tailor your journey, but also help you get back - and stay - on track!"