1. Props - We have a variety of props in our studios to help you work harder, lift heavier, drop lower, and get an even better workout! We can step you on a yoga block to make positions unstable, add a ball to make your squeeze all the more effective, resistance bands to isolate muscles and get a deeper burn, and let’s not forget the barre! No more wobbling around on a chair or kitchen counter, our barres are here to be pulled, pushed, gripped, and grabbed!

2. Mirrors - being able to see yourself as you workout is a great way to see if you’re in the correct position, and make adjustments to your posture and technique to ensure you’re working your very best.

3. Teachers - you get to be in the same room as our teachers! They are able to demonstrate, communicate, and cheerlead effectively from being able to see you clearly. You can chat to them before and/or after class to ask questions about technique, injury modification, or how to get more out of class.

4. Attention - smaller class sizes mean lots of attention! You’re guaranteed to be given corrections to improve, and a lot of encouragement to keep going with your shake!

5. No distractions - how many of us have been distracted by family members, social media, and making a cup of tea in the middle of a home workout? Come to class in-studio, and you’ll be committed to your workout for the full 45 minutes!

Book in now and we will see you in-studio soon!