Have you tried our BarreFORM format? Here are 5 reasons you should and how your body will reap the benefits!

1. Is your barre technique as precise as it could be?

In order to achieve muscle burnout, where change happens in your body, you need to ensure your alignment and technique are correct. BarreFORM will ensure you continue to understand more about the foundation of barre fitness, how best to refine your positioning and how to connect your mind and breath to get the most out of your barre practice.

2. You will leave feeling refreshed, centred and ready to take on anything!

We live in a fast-paced world that inevitably causes stress on both our minds and bodies. It is important to dedicate at least one hour out of your day to take a breather and reconnect with yourself. A BarreFORM class is a perfect way to both connect and exercise you mind and body in a safe environment. When we exercise our bodies naturally release endorphins, which interact with the receptors in our brain that reduce your perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body.

3. Receive more hands-on individual attention

The format is designed so our teachers are able to give you more individual attention. Whether you are looking to build on your technique to get more out of your other classes, or you are just starting out on your barre journey, this class gives you the tools to understand the technique behind each exercise during your barre workout.

4. You will find a deeper connection to your core

Having as strong core improves stability throughout the body, helps to prevent injury, supports your back to reduce back pain, and improves posture, helping you to stride through your day exuding confidence and and strength, whilst making you look both leaner and taller! Also, a deeper connection to your core means an even deeper burn and shake!

5. Helps you find "the shake"

You will often experience an intense sensation and shaking muscles in a barre class, but this a good sign! A Barrecore class focuses on tiny isometric movements that work specific muscles to exhaustion. The shake happens as you push past your comfort zone and into fatigue, which is exactly what you need in order to start seeing a change. This is why our mantra is "Shake Today, Strong Tomorrow!"

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Shake Today. Strong Tommorow!