We grabbed 5 minutes with the founder of our new supplements supplier, Henrietta from Wild Nutrition, to find out what makes her tick

What inspired you to start Wild Nutrition?

I had been working as Head of Nutrition at a large supplement company, along-side my clinic work, for 7 years. Sadly I became increasingly disillusioned with the industry. The market is dominated by products made from cheap synthetic chemicals (even the more expensive brands are still using these lower grade materials) that the body doesn’t naturally recognise. Often these synthetics are filled with additives and are delivered in high doses, much of which is not metabolised. I was also influenced by the many clients I was seeing in clinic and a book that I was writing on the condition Endometriosis, both of which made me realise there was a deep need to offer formulations of nutrients that were specific to women and to address the complexity of their health needs, rather than just standard off-the-shelf multi-nutrients.

I felt so passionately about finding another way that I spent 3 years formulating combinations that address the holistic nature of women's wellbeing - using a process that produces nutrients in a food-form that the body can more readily use. Wild Nutrition is the result of this work and in 2013 we started selling our first products. I am so encouraged to see that there is a strong movement towards this and increasing awareness of the seismic difference that Food-Grown® nutrients can have on nourishing our health. I still work in clinic because although formulating products is a fine science and requires expertise, it is also so important to look beyond the research papers and have first hand experience with real people and real health issues – we don’t all fit into the ‘norm’. This aspect greatly influences my formulations.

How do your supplements differ from others on the market?

The most profound difference is in how we produce our nutrients. By growing our nutrients in food through our pioneering Food-Grown®process rather than using processed synthetic chemicals, we use only the most body-ready forms of vitamins and minerals. Food-Grown® nutrients are made by molecularly bonding vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C or zinc, into a live food cell. This food cell then metabolises and, crucially, re-natures the vitamin or mineral, thereby becoming an integral part of its cellular matrix. This matrix now consists not only of the vitamin or mineral in its natural form, but also a host of other nutrients such as glycoproteins, lipids, bioflavonoids and B vitamins. This ‘team’ of nutrients is so closely bonded that it can no longer be divided into its separate parts, just as they are found in a plant cell.

In simple terms, the end result of this process is a genuine food cell containing vitamins and minerals in a structure that the body can recognise, metabolise and utilise naturally and efficiently. Many of our customers suggest that the Food-Grown® nutrients start making a difference within two weeks of taking them.

My belief is that food supplements should be taken with the sole purpose of enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal and restore balance. It is not to add further toxic load or, through mega-dosing, creating imbalance elsewhere.

What's been your biggest challenge in the industry?

To take a leap of faith and stand up for my beliefs in the first place, despite it going against the grain of commonly held beliefs and products within the industry at the time. In a health world dominated by synthetically derived supplements, using our Food-Grown® material is sticking our head above the parapet.

Should everyone be taking supplements, and if so, why?

The sad fact is that our food simply isn’t as nutrient dense as it once was. Because of harvesting techniques, intensive farming and the use of pesticides and fertilisers, European soil is now estimated to be 72% less nutrient-rich than it was 60 years ago, meaning that the vital vitamins and minerals in our ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables have been greatly depleted. Even ‘healthier’ organic food can be up to 10 times less nutritious than it once was. Add to this the increasing number of us on medication or exposed to greater environmental stress and we have a significant physiological gap between ‘supply and demand’. Wild Nurtition supplements can help address this.

What supplement would you recommend for someone looking to feel more energised pre-workout?

The fabulous B Complex Plus. It provides a blend of B Vitamins, magnesium, calcium, CoEnzyme Q10 and the herb ashwagandha for reducing the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue as well as supporting the nervous system and resilience to stress. It flies off the shelves because it works.

And for those wanting to aid recovery post-workout?

Taking Magnesium will help to reduce the loss of this mineral through perspiration. We have had fantastic feedback on our Magnesium supporting a good nights rest and reducing cramping post exercise too.

If you were to recommend one general supplement to Barrecore clients, what would it be?

Supplement routines will ebb and flow with the seasons so it's hard to suggest just one, but during the Autumn and Winter months I would recommend taking Immune Support. I haven’t had a cold since taking it and it has also been very helpful for menstrual cramping in many of my clients.

Henrietta has personally formulated every product in the Wild Nutrition range
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