We halfway into our four-week New Year Refresh Challenge 2020! We sat down with our Barrecore founder Niki Rein and Co-Heads of Teacher Training, Emily King and Gemma Bass Williams, to hear more about their Barrecore journey and to find out what motivates them to give 100% in every class!

Some of our clients are just starting out on their Barrecore journey and others have been with us since 2011, with over 2000 classes under their belts! What do you think keeps people motivated to keep coming back to Barrecore?

N: It’s because they never plateau - there is always somewhere to go. You continue to see the change in each client. The energy you feel after taking a class is palpable.

E: The attentiveness and encouragement of our teachers keep our clients motivated to work hard and ultimately find enjoyment in every class.

G: Simply, we have the best instructors! They undergo a rigorous selection process and 200 hours of training so they are the best in the business!

And what about yourselves as expert teachers? How did you first find barre and what has kept you hooked on the Barrecore Method for so long?

N: I first saw barre on The Today Show where they did a little segment and I was blown away by this unique and challenging workout that required no props whatsoever. Being an athlete my whole life, after trying a barre class for the first time, I’ve never woken up with such sore muscles! What’s kept me hooked is that I still feel challenged by the workout over 12 years later.

E: I love the intensity and variety in every single class, and how strong I feel afterwards. Each class encourages your body to move and work in a different way to any other workout I have tried and allows more expression and creativity as a teacher.

G: I love that no two classes are the same and as an ex-professional dancer, barre is the perfect hybrid of dance-based exercise and moving to a beat. It also has such a positive impact on people's lives, building confidence and enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing.

In our New Year Refresh Challenge, we are challenging clients to take 4 classes a week for 4 weeks. Tell us… why is 4 the magic number?

N: Four classes is a sure thing for results - I promise. If anyone turns up and actually doesn’t see results, I will give them their money back. It’s a doable challenge, as you can easily fit four hours into your week.

E: You will see a 50% increase in results when you jump from three to four sessions a week!

G: You will see an improvement in as little as 8 sessions, including better posture, a leaner waistline and generally feeling more energised!

It’s not just clients who will be feeling the burn 4 times a week, as you’re all taking part in the challenge as well! How will everyone be feeling as we near the halfway point?

N: Usually after the second class there's a feeling that you hit your peak, your third class will feel tough but then you’ll be on an upward curve up! You’ll experience an increase in mitochondria, which is a more sustainable form of energy. Your body will be in a metabolic state which will keep you continuously burning fat while you continue to do your classes four times a week.

E: Expect to be feeling stronger in your body, but don’t be surprised if you’re quite tired too. But this won’t last long, by the end of the challenge you will feel energised and 4 classes a week will be your new healthy habit!

G: You should start to notice a change in your body, which is a nice motivational boost to keep going into the rest of the challenge!

And finally, between you all, can share with us your last motivational words of wisdom!

Aim for the shake in every class and work within your posture and body to find your challenge point. We’re there to guide you and push you to go further, but find your maximum, no one else’s - the only person you’re competing against is yourself!

Everyone that completes the 2020 New Year Refresh Challenge will nab some great prizes so keep going! You’ll receive a pair of Barrecore grippy socks (you’ll need them after all those classes!) and we'll do a random prize draw, awarding two lucky winners per London location, and one winner in Bristol, ONE MONTH OF UNLIMITED BARRECORE CLASSES FOR FREE!

We have also teamed up with our friends at Urban to offer all Challenge finishers a goodie bag full of treats, as well as a 50% discount on any Urban beauty treatment of your choice to reward yourself after all of your hard work. So keep going and enjoy the experience!

It's not too late, sign up in studio or email us at [email protected]

Best wishes,
The Barrecore team xx

I love the intensity and variety in every single class, and how strong I feel afterwards.