Commit To A Healthy Habit

Our Memberships are rolling - which means they will continue on monthly until you cancel but they are super easy to sign up, easy to switch between and easy to cancel!

There is no minimum commitment period and we just need 10 days notice before your next payment date to terminate the contract.

So you can sign up for one month and cancel straight away, or commit to 3 months if you know you'll be around for a bit without needing a break - or just keep it going and never miss a workout!

The Annual Unlimited

You know what you want and you are ready to commit to a year of making it happen. Priced so you get a month free when compared to The Unlimited.

Free Online Workouts // Free Accessory Pack // 20% off retail purchases in-studio // 12 guest passes to bring whomever you want with you to class.

Most importantly, the sweet satisfaction that comes with being in complete control of your wellness goals.

£12 per class when you come 4 x per week.

The Unlimited

The Unlimited is the ultimate option for those looking to transform. Perfect for the ultra-dedicated. Hit the barre as much as you want. The results will speak for themselves. You'll also get 20% off retail purchases in-studio!

£14 per class when you come 4 x per week.

The Thrice-A-Week

14 class credits every month. We recommend this Membership for those looking to come around 3 times per week. This is the one for creating a solid routine for lasting results.

£17 per class.

The Twice-A-Week

9 class credits every month. Ideal for those who drop in twice a week on average. A great option if you need to stay accountable and maintain the change you've worked so hard to create.

£22 per class.

The Once-A-Week

5 class credits every month. Our most flexible Membership option. Amazing for the jet-setting, ultra busy or fitness multi-taskers out there. You can always step up to the next level whenever you're ready!

£24 per class.