Reviews From Our Wonderful Clients

Thank you for sharing the love with us. We are so proud to be changing bodies and minds, and helping you all to be the strongest versions of yourselves. 🧡 Below are a select few reviews that have come through to us through email, social media or one of our rating tools.

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"Barrecore is my favourite class - online and in person! I have never seen results that last with any other workouts I've tried - physically and mentally :) The instructors are also fantastic and make all the classes so engaging - even those On Demand! I've finally found a fitness class that I love and works!" - Preena

“The classes are all good. The range of teachers is great. The mix of teachers and exercises means you never get bored. It has been my saviour in lockdown. I want to continue on line Barrecore forever!“ - Jan

"Started Barrecore live classes in lockdown as a replacement for kickboxing/martial arts and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective it's been. The format works very well on Zoom and the teachers are great, giving detailed and clear instructions/explanations of the various exercises, as well as helpful modifications for people with poor wrists like myself... that WFH life. The classes provide a good full-body workout and seem to be gradually improving my flexibility and mobility (didn't realise how stiff my body was until Barrecore). I really enjoy Izabella's classes in particular, and more generally the BarreSWEAT ones - more of those would be perfect! Honestly it would never have crossed my mind to try Barrecore previously as I usually prefer much more aggressive/higher-intensity exercise, but it's been really effective so far and has provided a balance that I didn't realise I was missing in my workouts. Definitely the best thing I discovered in lockdown!"

"All the team are barrecore are so helpful and great. Any concerns or queries they sort so quickly. And the instructors are so good at working with beginners or people with injuries in their classes." - Sasha

"Wow!!!!! Wow!! Wow!! I wish I found this 10 years ago! Thank you sooo much for the online classes! I really really really hope there are still online classes when this pandemic is over ! ( please please please) ! Thanks again, Sarah (Qatar)" - Sarah

"I wish I had come across this fantastic programme years ago! incredible programme with astounding results, suitable for anybody as suitable modifications are providedlovely, inspiring, positive and energetic teachers. Can’t say enough good things about Barrecore." - Joanna

"I have been taking classes for 5 years now, and I love it. All the teacher/managers are super friendly and they have been brilliant in lockdown. I have taken masses of live streamed classes, and took the January challenge, which set me up for the year ahead! Long love Barrecore!" - Isabella

"New to barrecore and loving the online classes. Teachers give clear instructions and options depending on level of strength, plus are always super energetic and encouraging. Already feeling much stronger." Donna

"I absolutely love Barrecore. It is the only exercise class I have stuck to and you can genuinely start to see results after only a few classes, as well as feeling notably stronger!" - Nikita

"Amazing ! All round just amazing" - Ali

"Incredible programme with astounding results, suitable for anybody as suitable modifications are provided lovely, inspiring, positive and energetic teachers" - Joanna

"I was so impressed with my first class. As a dancer I expected a lot and the class delivered. Friendly, encouraging but challenging tuition. And yes, i felt it the next day!" - Zena

"Loved it, made me feel much better about my pregnant body spending some time exercising safely whilst feeling pushed a bit." - Louisa

"I love love love all these classes, they have literally got me and my baby through what would have been a lonely boring lockdown maternity leave! I live in Liverpool though and have tried other barre classes but none meet the standard of Barrecore imho! Please please please keep the live stream timetable going as much as possible when the studios reopen xxx" - Hayley

"I found Barrecore during the latest lockdown and it’s been a lifesaver. I absolutely love the classes and they’ve made a real difference, both physically but more importantly, emotionally as well." - Emma

"Very competent instructors who really really know their stuff and are upbeat cheerful and encouraging! You will really get more toned plus get an endorphin high from the workouts! Don't take my word for it- they offer a free livestream class and one month's ondemand membership free, so you can try out." - Liz

"I’ve done a lot of barre in my life (in the states) but I have to say this is next level. The teacher had such a positive, warm and authentic energy - and was knowledgeable to a degree I’ve never experienced before. This is my new barre destination, no question about it." - Lisa

"The classes are an absolute joy - painful but a joy! You are all fabulous, thank you so much for keeping us sane and fit." - Corinne

"All the instructors are amazing but Amber is fast becoming my favourite one! Her cues and form corrections are accurate, specific and insanely on target. It’s as if she is in the room with me! I love how she makes us work hard and sweat but with minimum movement! Can’t wait for next Tuesday!" - Elena

"Amazing class. Have been coming to barrecore for just over a year and I love it so much. Really felt the shake and burn!" - Jessica

"Great class as always. I moved to Cornwall a few years ago and really miss Barre core classes. I have loved being able to do the live classes during this time, I really hope online classes continue when the studios open up again." - Charlotte

"This was so brilliant! One of the reasons I am loving Barrecore so much is that it’s consistently challenging but Gemma threw loads of exercises I didn’t expect this morning. The shake is REAL! Looking forward to the next one already" - Lorna

"As always, another brilliant class with Bethan. She's got a great way of pushing you, while building your confidence to push yourself. Thank you so much Bethan!! 🙏🏾 As someone who always struggled to keep exercising, these classes are the first ones I've ever actually enjoyed and felt motivated to keep doing." - Vidhya

"Absolutely brilliant class as always - really appreciate the advice on perfecting my technique to get the most out of the class and a great way to get energised for the day! Thank you!" - Natasha

"First time exercising in about 2 years, was a really tough class for me but I really enjoyed it and already looking forward to the next one." - Claire

"Feeling like a new woman :)" - Donna

"These classes are lifesavers! Gemma is amazing. I really look forward to every single class." - Bianca

"Love this class - it’s my absolute fave antenatal exercise class and I’ve tried out a lot!!" - Hayley

"This was my first ever Barre class and I was a bit nervous considering I’m also 26 weeks pregnant! But oh my goodness am I glad I’ve joined the sessions! Gemma is a fantastic instructor and never once did I feel like I was being pushed too hard or couldn’t take things at my own pace. I can’t wait for next weeks class, Thank you Gemma!" - Gemma

"Barrecore is absolutely fantastic! Helped me with lots of medical issues. I would definitely recommend to everyone! Thank you ❤️" - via Feefo

"I have taken up Barrecore since Christmas and it has really got me through this horrible winter lockdown. I feel so much better in myself & my clothes. The instructors are so upbeat and make you feel great too. Barrecore is just fantastic so really a big thank you to all your team." - Clemmie

"Pure joy! It is simply the best! No words will describe how much I am enjoying Barrecore. Sometimes tears, sometimes struggle, but at the end of the session always joy!" - Tatiana

"Incredible! Amazing! My body feels so much stronger after only 5 weeks!" - Katie

"Amazing all round! Hands down one of the best live classes around! The workouts / instructors quality is consistently amazing. I love that there is some sort of predictability in the workouts (if you have been doing the classes for a while) but every class feels different. Love them!" - via Feefo

"I love the live classes! They have helped me rebuild my core strength after my c section. I 100% recommend Barrecore to anyone postnatal and looking to rebuild their core! Low impact but a killer workout every time. I shake so much!" - via Feefo

"Ultimate barre class! The instructors are all excellent, knowledgeable and motivating. The schedule is fab with lots of classes every day. All varied, fun and at a good pace. The workouts are tough and challenging...but that’s barre! No pain, no gain..." - via Feefo

"Best live workouts you can do! They are amazing! Great workouts with very knowledgeable teachers. Lots of variations for all different levels and capabilities. Constant checking by the teachers and fun to do whilst getting very much stronger. Cannot recommend highly enough...." - via Feefo

"Motivating, uplifting and addictive! I’m new to this type of exercise but the instructors are fantastic in explaining techniques and in motivation etc. It’s really uplifting and I find it easy to concentrate on what’s going on. The instructors are really motivating and knowledgeable. It’s not hard to follow on zoom and it’s never boring." - Kathryn

"Love Barrecore! My every experience with Barrecore is wonderful - the classes, instructors, website, shop, everything :)" - Joanna

"Fabulous online exercise classes with many class options to choose from throughout the day and week. Excellent delivery by instructors of all classes with very clear and constant guidance. I’ve never felt so toned and strong. First class instructors that deliver fun and effective classes." - Jenny

"The live classes have been pivotal in regaining my core strength after my c section and cannot recommend it enough! Thank you." - Rosie

"Thank you, and to Barre Core for literally transforming my body and me over the past year. I’m so truly grateful for such wonderful classes" - Hannah

"I am absolutely in love with Barrecore classes (have been for years already) but its been a great help to recover after pregnancy - a messy time!" - Marianna

"Honestly I’m OBSESSED (in the best way) with barrecore! I just love it - the shakes n all Works around my injury too but gives me a full body workout. It’s the best but I don’t have to tel you that" - Kerry

"I have been really enjoying the classes. I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease a few months ago which limits my mobility so my aim to do a class everyday has worked for both my strength & mobility. I do hope that even after lockdown there will be some online classes." - Emma

Consistently excellent classes and outstanding support & a real, genuine desire to help us look after our own well-being .... thank you.” - Sheila

“Its such good value for money - i've tried a lot of online workouts and different styles (HIIT, etc) and Barrecore workouts are the ones which always give me results and leave my muscles feeling stronger. The online workouts are amazing too, so its incredible value for what you get!” - Feefo review

"I wanted to say that I absolutely love your on demand classes- they’re just the best, I’ve never got results so fast and I’ve got muscle definition where I’ve never had before! and a great price point!!" - Sam

"Barrecore is my happy place. Absolutely love the classes" - Nisha

"The best workout and feel so energised afterwards. The live online classes have been a welcome boost. All of the instructors are so friendly, professional and engaging. Highly recommend." Cheryl

"The best antidote to 2020/21: focused, results driven exercise day in day out with the best team of instructors ❤️" - Jo

"I’ve never been fitter and it’s all down to Barre. It’s really helped my confidence and my mental well-being during these uncertain times. Thank you!"

"I can’t recommend Barrecore enough! All the teachers are so friendly and helpful and choreograph great classes, particularly Laura Kas and Gareth’s classes in Wimbledon. It’s a tough workout from which I have seen a noticeable change in my body and feel stronger, also low impact enough to make you feel destressed and more flexible afterwards. Live stream classes have been perfect for home workouts during lockdown. I have tried many different exercise studios/gyms in London and this is my favourite by far!" - Amy

"Barrecore is my absolute favourite class - nothing compares!" - Emma

"I absolutely love the classes! The small groups and intensive workouts are brilliant. Can already see my body changing after 3 very hard sessions." - Olivia

"Excellent teaching in classes , friendly environment in safe COVID conditions. Barrecore is the only exercise class I have been where there is a build up of strength and tone but each class still remains challenging and varied even after 2 years of attending" - Liz

"This studio and all the teachers are fantastic - Bethany, Claudia & Charlotté seem to be able to get 100% out of me every single lesson and when I think I have no more to give, through their supportive approach I can dig deeper. I feel on top of the world - strong and happy - after EVERY class. These girls are consummate professionals at the top of their game; a genuine joy and privilege to participate in, in turn making me feel totally committed and the results are starting to show! I was size 16 and dropped to size 14 after 2 months (and that includes not sacrificing every desire for chocolate!). I have signed up for a year as a result. It is tough but mentally and physically it is pure gold. Thank you all!" - Joanne

"Barrecore is amazing! The best workout I’ve ever done x"

"I love the live stream classes - thank you for doing this. It's the first time I've ever stuck to a workout routine and look forward to working out. I've also seen the biggest change in my body in the last 6 months from doing Barre than I've ever had before. Also just a note to say that all the instructors are so great :)"

"I love Barrecore and so glad you are back in my life."

"Really love Barrecore. Have never done anything like it before and I think It's fab - thank you!"

"You have created a unique training platform that is amazing, it has transformed my body and my mind. I attend as many classes as I can and all I can say is thank you and don’t stop!"

"I feel this is a practice that I could keep for the rest of my life, challenging and diverse."

"I have been part of the Barrecore community for almost 3 years and absolutely love it! Instructors are so passionate and knowledgeable. I leave each class feeling energised, positive and taller! Thank you all for keeping me motivated in Covid times!"

"Barrecore live classes have changed my body in a truly incredible way!! I feel so much stronger and I’ve lost quite a bit of weight."

"Love love barecore. Changed my whole pregnancy into a positive experience."

"Thank you for the best exercise routine ever!"

"The live classes have been brilliant and you should be congratulated on putting this offering together so quickly after lockdown. I have tried other live classes (include barre) and none of them have been as good, engaging or taught as competently. I really feel the calibre of teaching remains very high."

"An incredible workout. It’s more than I ever expected it to be." - Annabel

"I honestly don't know how I would have got through the last few months if I did not have your LIVE classes, as I was able to move daily and feel part of a community."

"I am so grateful to Barrecore as it’s been a happy part of my routine since Jan/ Feb 2020... I joke that I’ve joined a cult, because I try to recruit all my friends, colleagues and I am even working on getting my other half to join in :) thank you!!!"

"Barrecore is fantastic way of staying fit and toned but more importantly the girls, Sarah, Kat, Rachel, Evie and Olivia, who take the classes, are a complete joy to have motivating you. I loathe exercise as a rule but this is not only keeping a middle aged woman in shape , it is also huge amounts of fun.. and they never seem to mind me swearing at them! During Lockdown, doing Barrecore every morning started my day just beautifully, genuinely helped mentally too as you feel incredibly positive afterwards.. love these ladies!" - Natalie

"Incredible! I had my first class today I feel amazing and everyone is so professional knowledgeable and kind. I love it so much I am going to come to this class everyday ❤️ Thank you for the fantastic class." - Monica

"Livestream classes are honestly a game changer, I’ve recommended them to lots of friends."

"(Live classe) have kept me sane this year and I don’t know what I would have done without them. Every instructor is engaging, gives clear direction and is equally challenging."

"Barre is my favourite training from now on. Teachers are very helpful when you need to correct techniques to perform better and work out the right muscles. Classes here are never boring as they add diverse exercises EVERY time. After one month I see transformation in my body, got twice stronger and more enduring, lost 4 cm in thigh, got lifted belly and neck and even cheeks( because of intense breathing:) And absolutely welcoming and helpful ladies at the reception. Love this studio and the shake it gives me!" - Victoria

"I’m loving Barrecore and the effect it’s having on my body."

"Really great first class. The team were excellent, made me feel welcome and called me by my name throughout the evening. I didn't feel awkward or out of my depth at any time, the instructor explained the moves really clearly. The class itself was hard and I honestly felt like I worked every single muscle! The studio itself is clean and nicely decorated and feels luxury." - Jaimie

"Love these classes - so effective. Incredible teachers! Really professional team and can say I've had nothing but brilliant customer service along the way. I'm also so glad to see how clean the facilities are and the efforts to keep everyone safe during the pandemic." - Sarah

"Tough but fun and totally worth it. Has totally changed my body shape, flattened my stomach, strengthened and sculpted my arms, lifted my bum and improved my posture. Love it, love the instructors and the atmosphere in class. Friendly and personal customer service." - Michele

"Excellent teaching in classes , friendly environment in safe COVID conditions. Barrecore is the only exercise class I have been where there is a build up of strength and tone but each class still remains challenging and varied even after 2 years of attending!" - Liz

"Brilliant instructors and tough but enjoyable classes. I can't recommend Barrecore highly enough. The classes help me to stay in shape and they are great for my stress levels too." - Sue

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Barrecore. Great workout, really pushes you no matter your level. Studios are clean, well cared for, teachers are consistent and amazingly encouraging, and the overall experience is one that I look forward to! I need my Barrecore! It clears my mind and builds my body. Love it!" - Stacey

"Very Covid friendly. Excellent class as always - hard work but also relaxing and pampering." - Isabel

"Excellent instruction, flowed very smoothly the entire time. Challenging workout but the instructor offered up modifications. I was sore the next day but that’s a sign my body was working hard! I’ve taken a lot of barre in the US - this was outstanding." - Susan

"By far the best barre in London. Instructors are always super friendly, encourage a welcoming environment and they're incredibly knowledgeable." - Grace

"I love barrecore and couldn’t live without it. After moving from The United States I wanted something just as intense, effective and low impact. I searched all around and was so glad when I finally took my first class at barrecore. During lockdown, I have time on demand classes and recently started taking the live online classes. It’s definitely worth the live classes online. It’s like the real thing. I push myself so much more. I’m so glad to get back into the studio while still doing someone live online glasses to get me in tip top shape after the quarantine :) and drop a few kg I added."

"The instructors are all amazing as are the classes. They take time to explain and ensure they check and correct your posture. They make working out fun and enjoyable."

"I started Barrecore last September and became a regular at the studios in London to get my shake and burn fix. I am so so thankful to all the wonderful instructors who are so positive and create a non-judgemental environment for everyone to be able to work to their maximum and benefit from this fantastic method. The LIVE classes during lockdown have been the highlight of my day, so great to know I am doing something for myself and still be part of the Barrecore community even during lock down. Thank you Barrecore for improving my confidence and my body!"

"Amazing! All round just amazing" - Ali

"I am absolutely loving Barrecore. I’m so pleased I started doing the classes in lockdown! The teachers are all amazing and the classes are all slightly different to keep you on your toes. I love that it’s low impact yet tough. Wish I’d found it before."

"Always a good experience. Great class, you really feel the difference every time. Highly recommend. Good social distancing and cleaning in place so no concerns there either."

"These classes are completely different to any other class I have taken before. I am feeling more toned and generally stronger. Have felt the 'shake' and 'burn' in every class. Great instructors. Live class video quality is fantastic. I am actually looking forward to classes now which is a really good sign! Would highly recommend."

"As a newbie, I felt very welcomed, equally challenged and supported and has a lot of fun." - Gemma

"Fantastic team. Everybody is so lovely and go out of their way to support their clients. I love my Barrecore." - Michaela

"I would definitely recommend! Started using the online classes during lockdown and hope to continue as I don't live near the live sites. The trainers are just so good, especially with the technical/safety aspects and I have noticed a big difference in my strength, tone and shape."

"I have been a regular client of Barrecore for quite some time and it has changed my world in terms of body awareness and such a wonderful exercise. The Barrecore team and instructors have been just so lovely and professional. I have felt liked being part of a great community. So thank you for everything!"

"Over lockdown I have become an avid fan of Barrecore, getting up at 6am 6 days a week to do a session before the kids wake! I was diagnosed with a severe prolapse 7 months ago and I truly believe Barrecore has helped to improve it so I will be the first through your doors when you reopen!!!"

"I went from no exercise to doing prenatal and even so, can really notice the change of shape in my legs and arms! I feel strong and healthy and looking forward to doing the “normal” classes when I can."

"Very polite and welcoming members of staff who were quick to resolve any queries I had in an efficient manner. The classes were great, and the instructors were fab! Super friendly and personable, you enjoy returning just to be around their encouraging energy and you truly feel that they look forward to seeing you return. They were also highly knowledgable and I appreciated how they'd help you push beyond what you think you are capable of doing. I found new strength after each session. Brilliant experience!

"Barrecore is always done well. Their classes are intelligently designed so you know you have taken a class that works."

"The instructors are all amazing as are the classes. They take time to explain and ensure they check and correct your posture. They make working out fun and enjoyable"

"I went for a month, 4x a week and did see the beginnings of change in my body visually but what I loved even more was my improved strength! My arms stronger and more toned, my stomach beginning to tone and posture improved. I also lost lower lumbar back pain as the classes improved my core. It's been 2 months since I've been back to a class, and I still see definition in my arms, which remain much stronger than before I started Barrecore. Since stopping the classes, my body has changed partially since I haven't exercised consistently but I can't believe the long lasting effects and I am so grateful for having experienced it all. I admit the first two weeks are the hardest, for me it was up to class 5, but once overcoming that wall I can confidently say, out of all the exercise class packages I've tried, this without a doubt beats them all."

"I am sure I am not alone in hoping you will continue to do online classes once you open your studios.I hope you will find a way to make both work. I have loved the online experience. So thanks for all the classes so far and I hope they will continue forever! My fingers are firmly crossed!"

"I am not based in London, and have started to do your weekly prenatal live classes. Could you please consider keeping them going? I am dreading to think the live classes stop."

"Great to hear we can go back to the studio….although I absolutely love the love the live classes/ and on-demand, will these still be available?? Please say YES!!"

"I would like to say I love Barrecore, the classes are great and the difference is incredible. The teachers are just the best, driven, helpful, kind, fun and above all just wonderful people. They have been instrumental in my change of body shape and understanding of the techniques for each position."

"I’ve always struggled with finding exercise boring once I’ve got used to it but this never happened, and I continued to feel and see the results every month."

"I absolutely love it! It’s made me stronger, healthier and defined my muscles without making me starving or exhausted like intense cardio does."

"I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to have the live classes during lockdown. Seeing [the teachers] smiling faces every day is something to look forward to. They are fabulous, and I appreciate the effort that they go to to come up with interesting and fresh routines while somehow managing to stay upbeat and energetic for us all when they only have a screen to look at. The classes are challenging, too!"

"This was my first time with BarreCore and doing an online zoom fitness class. I have to say it was absolutely amazing. I felt the burn but also felt I could modify my workout to suit my needs. Thank you for an amazing experience."

"Absolutely love Barrecore classes and the instructors are all different in their style but all put us through the signature Barrecore burn and shake! Recommend to anyone who really wants to change their body and work hard!"

"Saved me through lockdown! The instructors are positive and offer varied, challenging classes."

"This was such a good class. The instructor was great and really kind and enthusiastic. I am new to barre and I felt very supported throughout. Thank you!"

"Brilliantly challenging class! Instructor was super positive and informative, made a workout pleasurable! Can’t wait to do more :)"

"With the live Zoom classes, I have been able to attend more regularly and have seen significant differences in my muscle tone thanks to the targeted exercises. The teachers are warm and motivating- I feel like I am having a private lesson each class!"

"Very good, very professional, very efficient! Absolutely love it! It’s a great addiction , ones you start, difficult to stop))"

"I just have absolutely loved all the zoom classes from barrecore. It most definitely is not ballet barre, you get a burn and shake in every single class. I love it soo much it is my new addiction"

"Noticable results. That is why i love BarreCore. It's a tough workout and the barre shake is real, but the results are so noticable that i keep going back for more, perhaps I am even addicted to it. Instructors are well trained and are very good at expalining the tiny adjustments to ensure maximum workout. I miss the studios, but have been regular with the On Demand Classes and have started to do more Live classes. Definitely recommend Barre Core."

"Barrecore Live via Zoom. Absolutely brilliant! My body is way more toned and strong than my usual gym workouts were and I have much better muscle definition."

"In just a few weeks my body feels totally different."

"Highly recommended. Fun, supportive, clearly instructed with advice and motivation all along the way. A really tough workout (so it actually gets visible and feel-able results) but the 45 mins fly by."

"Found Barrecore 4 weeks ago. I'm averaging 4 classes a week, killer classes and absolutely love them. Access to these online classes have been a godsend during lockdown and the teachers are fab! Great instructions, and I love they explain what this is doing to my muscle groups, another motivation. If you haven't tried it, you have to!"

"Everyone at Barrecore is very welcoming. They make each client feel at home. The teachers are amazing and always try to give individual attention in large classes."

"The classes were bought for me as a Christmas present last year. The instructors are just wonderful and I really look forward to classes. The best present ever!"

"Great online classes, love the pace and the focus. I'm addicted. Teachers are all really high standard and they make sure they change the types of exercises for each muscle group everyday so the workouts have never been boring. Keep it up you are amazing"

"I love barrecore and couldn’t live without it. After moving from The United States I wanted something just as intense, effective and low impact. I searched all around and was so glad when I finally took my first class at barrecore. During lockdown, I have time on demand classes and recently started taking the live online classes. It’s definitely worth the live classes online. It’s like the real thing. I push myself so much more. I’m so glad to get back into the studio while still doing someone live online glasses to get me in tip top shape after the quarantine :) and drop a few kg I added."

"The teachers are seriously good. They push you and support you. The support staff have been great getting the service going. It is very easy and efficient. I love the pay a fee and take for as many classes as you like. It means I can dip in and out. Not having the video on is liberating, I started being gentle on myself but now am really pushing myself. It has been a wonderful revelation how good it is to do Barrecore from home. Please please keep it going for the future."

"Life saver whilst I continue to work as a doctor during the corona virus pandemic! Fantastic work out delivered by such enthusiastic talented teachers. I found it difficult to attend studios due to work commitments but since covid have been online. The teachers are great at including everyone, and making us accountable. A great work out Esp during lock down. Please do continue online workouts both on demand and zoom."

"Barrecore is so friendly but professional. Don’t be fooled to think it will be an easy ride. It pushes you to your limits which means you come away at the end feeling you have really done a workout. For an office worker like me it has really helped with my flexibility, back pain and knee pain."

"Barrecore been great since the first day of the lockdown they facilitate live classes which has helped us to maintain the good workout during the difficult time we have been through, more else they gave me NHS discount for the coming classes during this period, quality of the classes is great, variety of the timing also is excellent THANK YOU Barrecore :) love you much"

"Friendly and positive. The girls at barrecore are positive, and non-judgementally help you to become fitter as an individual. They give modifications and also challenges so that positions and exercise is accessible for you at different fitness levels. I have done barrecore in the studio and now the live classes. The live online classes have been a godsend, and I’m getting fitter despite being indoors more.You can guarantee a great workout every time with barrecore, and I can see actual changes in my body. I have biceps and triceps now :D"

"I am a new recruit to Barrecore and I am obsessed. To say you feel the burn after class is an understatement. I’ve signed up to on demand and can’t wait to start to see the results."

"Great classes, excellent instruction and really informative plus friendly smiling instructors. You can see the difference in just a few sessions and a really good assortment of classes for different levels. Very inspirational..."