Live-Streamed Classes - FAQ

Here you find answers to some of the most common questions about our Live Streamed Classes. If something isn't covered, please get in touch - we always love hearing from you!

We also have a general FAQ page for all things Barrecore, as well as an Video On Demand FAQ page.

What Are Live Streamed Classes?

Every week, we live stream 40 classes straight to a device near you. You book classes through our app, and will receive a video link via email about 15 minutes ahead of each class. The link will take you to Zoom, where the class takes place. Please note that our schedule is listed in the BST time zone.

While we are experts at barre, we offer several different types of barre-related classes. Our Live Streamed classes are the same as our in-studio classes, with some minor adaptations to make sure that they can be easily done from home without special equipment (you probably don't have a barre mounted in your living room, do you?). Don't worry, the classes are still as effective as long as you push yourself and keep fine-tuning your technique.

You can also book Live Streamed Private Sessions separately.

I'm New To Barrecore. Where Do I Start?

Follow the links to learn more about our famous Barrecore Method, and what people say about us. You can also read some general FAQ's and get more pointers for your very first class.

For your very first class we recommend our BarreFORM class as it is delivered at a slightly slower pace, and more cues for correct technique (the better your technique, the faster your results).

We are all about a technique to make sure you work out safely as well as effectively. If you're completely new, we recommend looking into our Live Streamed Private Sessions, as the individual attention from one of our expert teachers will help you nail our technique and get the most out of your future classes, even if you're doing them from home.

How Are Live Stream Classes Different From Video On Demand?

Live Streamed Classes are real-time classes live streamed straight to you. They are scheduled on our timetable just like regular Barrecore classes - just in a virtual space! Live Streamed Classes give you an entirely unique class each time, allows you to connect with our teachers and community. The element of booking a class may also help you stick to your workout commitment. During the lockdown, the classes are streamed from the homes of our teachers, and otherwise from our studio.

How Do I Book Live Streamed Classes?

The easiest way to book our Live Streamed Classes is through our app. You can also book them on You must book into the class at least 1 hour before it starts.


- Download and login to (or create an account with) our free Barrecore app for iPhone or Android
- Go to “Group Classes” in the menu
- Select "Online Live Classes" as your location at the top
- Find the class you want to book & tap "Book Class". You'll be prompted to buy credits if you don't have any.
- Choose your pricing option and confirm. You’re booked in!


- Go to our timetable for Live Stream Classes.
- Find the class you want to book and click the "BOOK" button. You'll be prompted to buy credits if you don't have any.
- Choose your pricing option and confirm. You’re booked in!

How Do I Start Viewing Live Stream Classes?

About 15 minutes before the class starts, you will receive a unique link to join the class in the email that you have registered to your Barrecore account.

Before clicking the link, please make sure that you have downloaded the latest Zoom app. Once you've received the email and downloaded Zoom, click on the link. The link will take you to the class via Zoom. If you are having any issues opening the link, go here and manually enter the meeting ID and password that are listed in the email.

The class opens up 5 minutes before start time but will start on the dot, so login a few minutes before and say hi! Please keep yourself on mute during the class though, to avoid background noise for the other participants.

If you have not received the email 15 minutes prior to class, please check that you definitely booked the correct class, and check your spam or any other folders within your inbox. If you find the email in spam, please add [email protected] to your safe senders or contacts list to avoid this happening in the future. If you still need assistance, please email [email protected].

Do I Need Any Experience To Join These Classes?

Not at all! Our Barrecore Method is low impact, and safe for all fitness levels. Simply push yourself to your own limit!

If you're brand new we do however recommend that you start with our BarreFORM class, to get used to our technique and get the most out of your first class, as well as future classes. Read more about our different barre-related classes.

Follow the links to learn more about our famous Barrecore Method, and read more about your first class. We also have an FAQ page with general questions and answers.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

All our classes can be done without any equipment at all - you'll still get a great burn as we work with small movements, a lot of repetitions and body resistance. In the instances that we do use some simple equipment in class, a substitute can easily be found in your home. These can come in handy;

- Mat / carpeted floor
- Barre / chair / table / wall
- Pair of 500g-1.5kg max weights / tinned food / water bottles
- Soft ball / rolled-up towel / cushion
- Yoga block / thick book
- Hard karate strap/bathrobe belt/dressing gown tie
- Long resistance band / can be replaced with heavier weights
- Looped resistance band / can be replaced with lighter weights

The teacher will log on 5 minutes before class, and explain which (if any) equipment will be used in their class.

What Do I Wear?

As with our studio classes, we recommend wearing fitted clothing to properly see and feel your technique. Leggings and a vest or t-shirt are perfect. Leggings with zips might prove uncomfortable during floor work, so we recommend leggings without them. A low-impact sports bra should provide adequate support as all our classes are low-impact.

Trainers restrict your range of movement and since you'll spend a lot of time moving through your feet with Barrecore, we instead wear grippy socks. Grippy socks also help you hold each position that bit longer without slipping. As soon as you slip, you have to reset and you lose that crucial burn that Barrecore is all about. Depending on your mat at home, you might be able to get away with just being barefoot.

How Long Are The Classes?

All our classes are 45 minutes, except for BarreADVANCED which is 55 minutes.

How Much Do The Classes Cost?.

Single classes are £6 but you can join our rolling monthly or weekly membership where you can do as many classes as you like for £60/month or £15/week. Our memberships are easily purchased online, have no minimum commitment period, and no signup fees. If you want to pause or cancel your membership, you simply need to email us five business days before your next payment date. You can also purchase single classes or a pack of 5 classes for £30.

View all our pricing options, and purchase, here.

Can I View These Classes On Any Device?

Yes! You can do our live classes on your TV, computer, tablet, or phone! The larger the screen, the better you will see our teacher’s instructions. We will provide you with a link 15 minutes before class - simply click it and view the class in your browser on either of these devices.

Make sure to place yourself and the screen in a way that you can see the screen when you’re both standing up and laying down. Also, make sure you can see your whole body on the screen if you want to use it as a mirror.

Should I Keep My Video On During Class?

Keeping the video on is completely optional, but we do recommend you keep it on as;

- The video will function as your mirror so that you can see your own moves
- It allows you to connect with our teacher who can help guide you with corrections
- It allows you to connect with the rest of the community

Your camera will however be automatically be turned off, so you need to activate it if you want it on.

What About Music?

We don't play music in our live classes. You can play any kind of music on your end, and we have also curated special playlists that you can use on your end should you like.

How Can I See The Instructor Full Screen?

To have our instructor be the main video on your screen you have to hover over their video box and select the 3 dots then select "pin video". Alternatively, select "Speaker View" at the top of the right-hand corner (instead of "Gallery View").

What If I Can No Longer Join The Class?

If you can no longer join the class, you can cancel your booking 2 hours before the class and still keep your credit to use for another time. If you cancel less than 2 hours in advance, your credit will be lost.

You can easily cancel (and book) your class through our Barrecore app for iPhone or Android, or your account on

For more general questions and answers around Barrecore and our method, please visit our general FAQ page.