Barre Class - BarreRESTORE


Level: Suitable for all

Length of class: 55 minutes

You are creating lasting change in your body not only whilst you're burning and shaking at the barre - but also during recovery!

Also, supple, flexible muscles makes correct positioning easier. The more accurate the alignment in your barre poses, the longer you can hold them for, and the deeper your burn.

Our unique combination of fascial release techniques and lengthening stretches will increase your flexibility, aid muscle recovery and ease any stiffness, aches or pains in your body. This will encourage your muscles to elongate, detoxify and ultimately become more flexible. BarreRESTORE also includes new and effective breathing techniques to relieve tension, manage cortisol and help calm your body.

We highly recommend adding one BarreRESTORE class a week to your workout routine, to achieve transformative results even faster.

A word from the expert:

"My favourite element of this class is the focus on diaphragmatic breathing throughout, which calms both the body and mind - leaving you relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day. It's also suitable for all clients whatever their fitness level."

Emily King, Barrecore Teacher Trainer.

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Barre Class - BarreRESTORE

Barre Class - BarreRESTORE