Level: Suitable for all

Length of class: 45 minutes

BarreBREATHE is designed to teach correct breathing, pivotal for your work in all our classes. This class will also help you find calm in your mind and body.

Good breathing is so important for your workout. Not only will it help you stay in those difficult positions longer by helping you focus - it will also release endorphins into your body which will make you feel stronger and more elated during and after class. Other benefits of better breathing includes the ability to better manage stress, anger, anxiety and pain.

This class starts high energy and gradually winds down to a calm, focussed stillness. Elements of mindfulness, breath work and positive affirmations are woven together to deliver good breathing practices as well as a happy dose of mindfulness and positive thinking aimed.


Wonderful, welcome! If you’re looking to learn how to breathe better, this is the class. For a barre class we recommend BarreFORM and BarreSIGNATURE. Read more about our Barrecore Method here, and get more tips for your first class here.

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