Frequently Asked Questions

Our new BarreLIVE classes are specifically designed to give you your favourite burn and shake in the comfort of your own home - and together and the rest of our community! All you need is a soft surface to protect your knees and back, a chair or surface for balance, and something to lift for weights (wine bottles, filled water bottles, canned food - whatever floats your boat)!

  • We send the link email from [email protected] Please add this to your safe senders or contacts list in your email, otherwise, the link email may end up in your SPAM folder and you may miss the class.
  • You will receive the link to join the class at least 30 minutes before the start of class. Please note that you will receive a new unique link for every class.
  • The cut off time for booking in is 1 hour before the start of class. This gives us time to send out the links to everyone and help with any tech support needed so everyone can join on time!
  • If you have not received the email 15 minutes before the start of class and you have checked your SPAM folder, please email [email protected] so we can get you the link.
  • You must cancel at least 2 hours before the class to not lose your credit. You can cancel your class through your account with us or the app as you would with our normal in-studio classes

You can do all our BarreLIVE classes regardless of your fitness level. Simply push yourself to your own limit!

Yes! You can do our live classes on your TV, computer, tablet or phone! The larger the screen, the better you will see our teacher’s instructions. We will provide you with a link 60 minutes before class - simply click it and view the class in your browser on either of these devices.

Make sure to place yourself and the screen in a way that you can see the screen when you’re both standing up and laying down. Also make sure you can see your whole body on the screen, if you want to use it as a mirror.

Our BarreLIVE classes are between 30-45 minutes, and specifically tailored to give you a really effective workout and deep burn in a short amount of time.

Your first class is FREE! We want everyone to be able to experience these new live classes so your first class is complimentary! You still need to claim this free credit - please claim it the same way that you would book and pay for a regular credit - instructions below.

After your first free class you can buy single classes for £6, or sign up to a rolling weekly membership where you can do as many classes as you like for £15 per week. See your options here:

BarreLIVE classes are booked and paid for the same way you would book and pay for a class in our studios.

VIA YOUR COMPUTER: Go to > Timetable & Select the BOOK CLASS button. You'll be prompted to buy credits if you don't have any.

VIA YOUR PHONE: Download the free Barrecore app from the [AppStore] or [Google Play] and go to > “Group Classes”

- Select the BarreLIVE class you want to attend and tap “Book Class” at the bottom left

- Choose your pricing option and confirm. You’re booked in!

  • We'll send the link to join the class via Zoom in email from [email protected] Please add this to your safe senders or contacts list in your email, otherwise, the link email may end up in your SPAM folder and you may miss the class.
  • Classes won’t be accessible to book less than 60 minutes before class starts, to give us time to email you the unique access link to access the class.
  • If you have not received the email 15 minutes before the start of class and you have checked your SPAM folder, please email us at [email protected] so we can get you the link ASAP.
  • Once you've received the email, click on the link.
  • The link will take you to your browser and open up the live stream. If you are using a phone or tablet device and follow the prompt and download the Zoom app to join, otherwise just view it in your browser.
  • The class opens up 5 minutes before start time but will start on the dot, so login a few minutes before and say hi!

You don’t need any props for any of these workouts - but these can come in handy:

  • A soft surface will protect your knees and back (carpeted floor, mat or towel)
  • A chair, table or other surface nearby for occasional support
  • A pair of weights - if you don’t have gym level weights you can totally go creative here - we’ve already seen everything from Campbell Soup cans, wine bottles and filled water bottles be used in class. Anything that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • A small ball or rolled towel for some exercises - but you will still get a good burn without it.

Video Tips:

The video will function as your mirror so that you can see your own moves, and will allow the teacher to guide you with some additional corrections - and we also believe it helps us all feel connected. It’s however completely optional to share your video, and your camera will automatically be turned off, so you will need to activate it if you want it on.

To have the teacher be the main video on your screen, hover over their video box and select the 3 dots then select "pin video".

What about audio in the class?

Your microphone will be turned off during the class to minimize background noise, and allow everyone to hear the teacher clearly. Please only manually turn it on before or after class to interact with the teacher or the community.

When you join the class, you'll be prompted with a pop up asking you to "join with computer audio" you need to select this so you can hear the teacher.

If you still can't hear the teacher, please check your computer's audio settings to make sure everything is turned on and working properly.

BarreLIVE classes are live classes live-streamed straight to you, scheduled on our timetable just like regular barrecore classes - just in a virtual space! You will join via a Zoom link and workout together with the rest of our community online.

Our On Demand Online Workouts are a library of pre-filmed workouts, where you can pick the type of workout and length - and do them at a time that suits you. You get your first two weeks free when you sign up!