11 January - 7 February

Are you ready for a New Year boost? Then join our 4x4 Booster Challenge to kick-start your 2021! Yes, we know, most of us probably have enough challenges in our lives right now, but this is a BOOSTER challenge - and it will make you glide into 2021 in the very best way and set yourself up for a strong year!


The aim is to complete 4 classes per week for the 4 weeks between 11th January and 7th February, so 16 classes in total. And remember, taking 4 Barrecore classes per week compared to 3, boosts results by 50%. So dig deep and find your internal power and determination to show up for that 4th class every week! It will be worth it!

And, while not required, we strongly encourage you to align your workouts with your overall 2021 goals and add suitable classes into the mix;

- BarreFORM: Have you decided to get back into fitness? Or maybe join Barrecore for the very first time? Or perhaps you have committed to improving your technique in order to get more out of your classes and see better results this year? Make sure to incorporate BarreFORM classes during the challenge!

- BarreSWEAT: Are you determined to reduce the fluster-level as you climb stairs (or mountains) this year? Or as you run after your kids? Then add some BarreSWEAT classes and get that extra cardio boost!

- BarreRESTORE: Is your aim this year to breath better and deeper, become more aware and in-tune with your body, be kinder to and recover your body more frequently, or perhaps improving your flexibility? In that case make sure you incorporate at least one BarreRESTORE into your weekly workout routine.

- BarreSCULPT: Have you decided to get into your best physical shape ever this year? Our BarreSCULPT classes uses more resistance bands to add intensity and further chisel those muscles.

- BarreADVANCED: Are you a long time warrior and ready to up your game? We have just added BarreADVANCED to our Live Stream schedule and this will definitely give your mind and body that extra push!


To get involved all you need is to join classes through one of our two online workout options;

Live Streamed Classes - First class free, and then £6 per class, £15/week or £60/month

On Demand Workouts - First two week free, and then £25 per month)

...and simply start taking class from January 11th!


As per previous challenges, we will be uploading a weekly post to our social media platforms and you need to comment with an emoji each time you take class during that week. 1 comment per class - this is how we track your attendance.

Don’t use social media? You can email [email protected] once you’ve completed all 16 classes to be in with a chance of winning!


You can indeed!

3 lucky winners will each win a version of our Online Transform Packages! These are one of the most certain ways to transform your body and mind in a short period of time, through a combination of weekly live streamed Private Sessions with one of our expert teachers, as well as unlimited access to Live Streamed and On Demand Classes.

We have 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months up for grabs!

So who’s with us? 2021 Booster Challenge here we come!